Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Review: Supersilk Pure Indulgence Leave- In Treatment by Brocato


 Retail: $20.00
Brocato is an incredibly luxe haircare line created by Sam Brocato. I've been using it the past several weeks, having come across it at a recent Beauty Press event, here in NYC.  There's nothing better then products that live up to their name, and I was sincerely impressed after I began working with Brocato's Supersilk Pure Indulgence Leave-In Treatment
Supersilk Pure Indulgence Leave- In Treatment uses nano technology to deliver silk amino acids that nourish and fortify hair. The weightless formula reduces frizz, protects against dryness while locking in color, and leaves your tresses super silky.
My hair can be quite troublesome for me as I'm not an expert hairstylist and don't always have the patience to deal with it.  It's thick, curly, coarse and often the cause of some child-like tantrums come those humid or rainy days when it simply won't cooperate. I started applying the treatment to my damp hair every other night or so, let it dry naturally, and by morning I saw a clear difference.  My hair felt touchably soft and had a noticeable reduction in frizz.   Could my unruly mane really be tamed that easily??  Apparently so!  
My locks were soft and manageable and the best part was how hydrated they had become over time, even developing a healthy looking sheen.  Surprisingly I was also able to cut back on applications, making the tube last longer.   Its effects proved to be long lasting and I could still maintain them with (less frequent) but steady use.  The formula was sulfate and paraben free, with a creamy, gel like texture that was lightweight and didn't weigh down my hair.  I love this product so much and would highly recommend it to anyone with thick, curly and/or dry hair.  I was expecting such a luxe product to be rather pricey, but its very fairly priced and a total must have for the humid weather right around the corner. Its going straight into my hair's summer must have survival kit!
Do you have trouble taming your mane in the summer?  Are you interested in trying Brocato's Supersilk Leave-In Treatment?


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