Saturday, June 15, 2013

Review: Dossage No.8 For Her

One of my favorite moments in life is when you discover that addictive new fragrance that smells so amazing you can't stop until you've added it to your collection.  Of course you have your signature scents, and the ones you reserve for special occasions, but who can forget that absolute favorite you even wear to bed because you simply can't get enough of it?  

No.8 White Label for Her 50 ml 1.7fl oz $75

I was introduced to Dossage  No.8 For Her Eau De Parfum at a past BeautyPress event in NYC, and couldn't help but like it.  It was a crisp, sophisticated blend of fresh citrus, robust black current, passionate red fruits, sweet lily of the valley, and a sultry white musk.  The brand is quite special, using inspiration from various travel destinations to create each scent.  Dossage No. 8 For Her tributes its mysterious, artful allure to destinations such as Santa Barbara, Barcelona and Sao Paulo.  
I loved wearing this fragrance because it was light and subtle, but wore strong enough to last the whole day.  It's totally wearable for everyday and any occasion, also making it a nice scent for summer.  It has a fresh, clean aroma with a little mystery, that won't overpower your or those around you.   

A unique element of the brand is that each "For Her" scent is designed to compliment each "For Him" scent when worn together.  That said, any set could serve as the perfect gift for your boyfriend or hubby, whether it's Valentine's Day, his birthday or a holiday.  

No.16 Pink Label for Woman 50 ml 1.7fl oz $75

Personally though, when sampling the collection, my favorite was definitely No.16.  I had a complete OMG moment.  THIS would be the one to feed my addiction and be my go-to for not only every occasion, but would probably be what I wore to bed.  It smelled so delicious and breathtaking, I couldn't put down the paper I spritzed it on.  It is a blend of citrus, mango, peony, rose, vanilla and ambery woods, with inspiration derived from locations like St. Barts, Miami and Las Vegas.  If that doesn't spell out a good time, I don't know what does!   If you're a fun loving girl who likes to wear trendy, flirty scents, No.16 has your name written all over it.    

Available at: 
Fred Segal, the Fairmount Hotels, Mondrian, Jessie Boutique in SouthBeach,(Miami Beach) Adventura, Boca Raton, Cowgirl Princess in LA Canada California,Stylehaus, Sydney Michelle in Balboa Island,California and 

Do you wear a favorite fragrance to bed?  If so what is it?  Are you intrigued by the Dossage collection?

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