Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Introducing Juliet Stewart's Juliet Eau De Parfum

Retail: $185.00
1.07 oz

After sampling Juliet Stewart new fragrance Juliet Eau De Parfum at a recent BeautyPress event, I found myself drawn to what I could only describe as an incredibly unique blend of notes. 
Let me be honest and say I am partial to my fruity florals, and my powder fresh scents.  But Juliet was a special blend of notes that had me intrigued.  
Juliet Eau De Parfume uses classic notes of lemon from Amalfi, basil, bergamot and Sicilian orange, lavendar and sage, mingling with naunces of fresh Mediterranean herbs that become ultra- feminine with jasmine, lily of the valley, and vanilla from Madagascar, on a warm background of amber and precious woods from the Far East. It creates a fabulous union a unique musky, floral fragrance that is truly lovely. 
When first tested, its aroma was a sharp musky blast.  But once it settled, it softened in to a delicate mix of musk and light floral.
I found it smelled better on my skin then in the bottle.  I could detect the jasmine and vanilla notes- two of my favorites- and loved how it set.  It wasn't overpowering and made me feel very feminine.  Usually when I hear musk I tend to shy away, for fear of it smelling too masculine.  But Juliet embodies a woman's true beauty and makes you feel your worth.  Its notes combine to give the perfect balance of strength and femininity with lasting wearbility and brave originality.  It is definitely a scent that can be worn on the daily, no matter the ocassion or season.  I would say it is bold enough to get you noticed, but subtle enough to leave behind a little intrigue. 
Stewart describes the scent with the words "Be Unforgettable... Own Your Beauty" and I consider it an accurate depiction. 
What types of scents do you typically wear daily?  Would you consider Juliet Eau De Parfum?

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