Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Review: PUR attitude Skincare

I began using PUR attitude  Purifying Rice Face Wash, HydroDrench Moisturizing Gel Cream and Multi-Effects Eye Cream for several weeks and loved every second of it. I came across the skincare line at a past BeautyPress Spotlight Day event here in NYC, and am really glad I did.  I really enjoyed this line so I'll just right in and start!  

Retail: $18.00
The Rice Purifying Face Wash was very pleasant to use.  It is a combination of soap-free cleanser and self-adjusting beads that gently exfoliate and remove daily build up, dirt and impurities.  It is enhanced with the power of natural Hyraluronix technology which delivers up to one thousand times its weight in water, locking moisture deep into the skin.  It also contains all time superior soothing and moisturizing elements like aloe leaf extract, jojoba esters, lemongrass oil and rice protein.   
My skin is typically dry, but I found this to be very soothing and gentle enough to use daily.  The beads were small enough to get the job done without causing any irritation or redness.  I liked how successful it was at removing my all my make up, and left my skin feeling cleansed and comforted. 

Retail: $68.00
Where do I even start with how much I love this moisturizer??  I say time and time again how my skin is dry, and has trouble absorbing moisturizers.  I've worked with several that I (thought) gave me good results at the time, but now I am not as sure.  This is probably my favorite to date and I don't think many will compare.  It states that it can serve as a primer for make up, and I would agree.  The creamy-gel like texture absorbed in record time, allowing me to apply my make up right after, and left my skin looking moist and soothed.  It claims to increase skin's hydration up to 90%, and while I can't confirm the results were 90%, the improvement was indeed significant.  I couldn't resist touching my cheek from time to time as I was so amazed by the difference. 
It too contains the Hyaluronix technology, and is combined with natural extracts like white tera, apricopt fruit, melon, pomeranate, rose, vanilla, raspberry, sweet almond and sandalwood.  This moisturizer is a powerhouse in a glass bottle and absolutely won't disappoint.  A must have for all suffering from dry skin.   

Retail: $58.00
As far as eye creams go, I feel like I have trouble seeing results as I am still in my twenties.  I don't usually detect much (if any) difference but I've tried to get into the habit of using them anyway.  What I can confirm about this eye cream was that it was very lightweight, and it absorbed quickly.  I dabbed it on it below my eyes, in the corners, over the lids and under the brow bone.  One application requires a minimal amount and goes a long way.  Using the Hyaluronix technology it works to firm tired, puffy looking eyes, erase dark circles up to 35%, reduce fine lines and wrinkles up to 63%, and is once again serves as a good primer for make up.  That is a great element, making it a worthwhile product for ladies not yet showing signs of aging, but are looking for ways to prevent them.  Using this as a primer can serve as added insurance against signs of aging and will keep your make up in place at the same time. 
Overall verdict: I love this line and hope to work with more of their products.  I've had much success with it and hope to maintain its results. 
Have you worked with PUR attitude?  What skincare line are you currently using?   


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  1. I've never heard of this brand before but it looks really luxurious!

    Belle Epoque

  2. its amazing! If you get the chance, you should def give the moisturizer a sho. Thanks for stopping by :) xo


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