Thursday, June 20, 2013

Review: Forever Glowing by Jennifer Lopez

Granted most of my devoted beauties out there know I am always raving about the wonder that is Jennifer Lopez, and her latest fragrance Forever Glowing is just another reason why.  An incredible blend of notes like saffron, white pepper, white honey, neroli, jasmine, suede, toffee, vanilla and patchouli creates this sensual, erotic fragrance that is described as a light fragrant breeze on your skin and through your hair.
Retail: $39.00-$49.00
The packaging is quite unique and very fitting.  It is in a circular, opaque bottle and its liquid is a soft lavender.  The topper is a matching circular crystal-like piece, and (my favorite part), when you spritz it on, a light under its cap actually lights up the bottle!  The bottle glows bright purple and is such a fun extra.   
I enjoyed wearing this scent because it is ultra feminine, but edgy.  It doesn't scream your typical sweet, fruity summer scent.  Instead, its blend of musk and florals create a sharp sophistication that exudes warmth and sensuality.  It settled on my skin with a soft, powder fresh aroma, but had a spicy kick to it.  It reminded me of summer nights and going out with friends, but yet is totally appropriate for daily wear.  It is by no means overpowering or strong, but rather light and airy (like advertised).  This fragrance is the ultimate detail that will pull your look together and add that captivating allure to your overall look for summer.    
Available at Kohl's 
Have you tried JLO's Forever Glowing?  What is your favorite JLO fragrance? 

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