Monday, June 17, 2013

Review: Christina Aguilera Red Sin Eau De Parfum

Retail: $37.00-$47.00
I've certainly been indulging in the fragrance department lately, and on a recent shopping trip to Kohl's, my eyes grew wide at their selection.  My how it has grown!  I used to work there several years ago and while I recall them having several nice scents, they've certainly been hard at work adding to their collection. 
Christina Aguilera's Red Sin Eau De Parfum caught my eye.  Not only am I a fan of the power house little songstress, but its bottle had a sultry, feminine shape, with lacy red detailing and a sexy black bow it the top.  I was eager to get a whiff and to put it simply: I'm obsessed with this fragrance. 
I learned that it is a Floral Oriental composed of top notes like red apple and cinnamon, with red cyclamen at its heart, and base notes of red ginger, sandalwood, and musk... (mm..tell me that doesn't sound delectable?).  With her favorite colour red in mind, Christina intended the fragrance to exude confidence, sexiness and embody empowerment. 
I love this scent from start to finish.  From the instant I spray it on, to the time after it settles on my skin, it is divine.  What I think I am most impressed by is its originality.   It begins with a sharp, fruity blast, that quickly steps aside, letting you enjoy its musky, floral quality.  I can't quite put my finger on it, but I almost feel like its two scents in one, each nicely complimenting the other.  Because of its warm, woodsy notes, some may consider it more appropriate for fall or winter, but personally I plan to begin wearing it now because it just smells so darn good!!  It wears lightly but is strong enough to get you noticed.. The ultimate scent to let you leave behind a little mystery as you saunter on by...
Have you visited your local Kohl's lately?  Have you tried any of the other Christina Aguilera fragrances? 

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