Monday, June 24, 2013

Review: LORAC TANtalizer Glow to Go Limited Edition

Retail: $36.00
LORAC has delivered once again with their latest TANtalizer Glow to Go Limited Edition gift set for this summer.  The kit includes everything you need to create the perfect sun kissed look for a total steal of just $36.00 ($120..00 value) AND does it without compromising quality or skimping out on product size.
 In the kit:
Without a doubt the shadows are my favorite.  They're my must have, not just for summer, but all year round.  They're highly pigmented, the colour payoff is stunning and they blend beautifully.  Using them I felt like I was using expert shadows because they achieved such precision, I actually had an airbrushed, flawless effect.  They didn't leave any dusting under the eyes after application and did NOT crease! I LOVE these and can't say it enough.  The kit includes three shades: Tahitian Sand, a pale, creamy, yellow, Barbados Bronze: a lovely brown/copper blend and Costa Rican Coffee, a rich, dark chocolate.  All three complimented each other very well and kind of reminded me of a summer sunset..
LORAC TANtalizer 1.52 FL oz
I had a lot of success with this body bronzing luminizer.  It had a light, coconut like scent, and went on very smoothly.  Its formula is very light and blended nicely without leaving any streaks.  I applied a small amount over my face and loved that it was very subtle.  The color appears a warm, medium tone when initially squeezed onto your finer, but once applied it blended beautifully.  I have light skin and wondered if it would be too dark, but it wasn't.  It created a natural looking glow, comparable to a soft white/yellow gold.  It dried quickly and served as an excellent primer which I followed with the kit's baked bronzer. 
LORAC TANtalize Me Baked Bronzer .35 oz
I love marbles bronzers.  My skin is light with pink undertones and sometimes I feel like bronzing powders end up making me look like I have a rash. But not this one.  Its mixture of light to dark brown shades, swirled with warm gold allowed me to create a more even, natural effect and ultimately made application easier.  It left a light shimmer and was very buildable.  Its a perfect finish to give your skin that hint sun kiss atop the luminizer's dewy glow.
LORAC TANtalizer Lips with Benefits .19 oz
 Lastly, I topped off my look with the kit's TANtalizer Lips with Benefits gloss.  This was a fun, flirty gloss because of its colours: a mixture of shimmery gold and deep mauve.  It made my lips look full and sexy with its ultra glossy finish.  It had pretty strong staying power and wasn't sticky.  One aspect of it I fell partial to was its unique scent, which I later learned was crem brulee.  It has antioxidants of Acai Berry, Pomegranate Extract and Vitamins C & E to help nourish and protect lips from drying in the summer months.  Its the kit's finishing detail to help create that effortless summer glow .
This kit is such an incredible buy, I definitely recommend snagging one if you can.  Its items are full size, quality products that work!  What more could a beauty maven ask for? :)
 Available at: and Sephora
Have you been trying to find products to create the perfect summer glow?  Are you interested in trying LORAC's Glow to Go?

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  1. I never tried bronze. I'm not sure if bronze suit to my skin color.



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