Monday, June 3, 2013

Review: Mistura The 6-in 1 Beauty Solution

Each Beauty Press event here in NYC always delivers, and I was yet again introduced to several amaaazing brands.  One of them being Canada based Mistura Beauty Solutions .  Even though I don't believe a girl can ever have enough make up, I'll be the first to admit that sometimes storing it all can be a bit tricky.  That's why products like Mistura's The 6-in 1 Beauty Solution are such fabulous finds. 
Mistura's 6-in 1 Beauty Solution® is designed to serve as a foundation, concealor, blush, bronzer, lipstick and eye shadow all in one compact.  It comes in one universal shade that uses heat activation to self adjust, making it wearable for very skin.  Mistura's patented Miracle Match Color Blend Technology uses light refraction to diminish the appearance of blemishes, fine lines, mutes rosacea and evens out skin tones. 
I first tried it as a bronzer, and used a powder brush to apply it all over my face.  After application I couldn't help but cringe as I suddenly looked extremely shiny, and the colour was incredibly dark.  I quickly learned that my fair skin needed but a few strokes to achieve the desired effect, and once I mastered the necessary amount, I'll admit I did like the coverage.  My skin had even coloring, its formula felt very lightweight, and it didn't smudge off during the day.  After working with it few more times, I concluded it performed best on my skin as a blush for contouring, and as an eye shadow.  As a shadow it left a lovely shimmer that added a nice, highlighted glow to my look and really made my blue eyes stand out.  Very natural looking.  With summer approaching, I plan on wearing this often when trying to achieve that golden, sun kissed effect.  I never use concealor, (and I'm slightly confused as to how this can be used as such) but it does offer the option.  As for a lipstick, its colour remains very natural and soft looking, a shade that will match many skin tones and support various looks.   
If you're stocking up on new summer items, this may be the perfect item to add to your collection.  It serves as multi functional and is a total space saver.  Also, Mistura has just announced it will be launching a series of Mistura Beauty Solution® lip liners, eye liner, mascara and eye shadows to add to their already popular line, sometime this month.  Be on the look out for them and let me know which ones make your list of summer picks! 
Have you tried Mistura Beauty?  Are you going to check out their new products?

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