Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The Curly Hair Products that Made My Hair Bomb this Summer

After my last haircut at Ouidad, I decided that this summer I would go full force with my curls.  That meant no pony tails and no clips.  Just my natural curls, and whatever products it would take to manage them for the next few months.  

Why you ask?  Simple.  My stylist schooled me about the dangers of pony tails and how they ultimately destroy your hair.  Given my recent scare, where my hair mysteriously started to thin, (which was later determined to be the result of my lack of meat consumption), I took this lesson very seriously. 

This summer my bathroom saw in influx of curl creams, gels, lotions, oils, you name it.  Some worked, and some worked better.  So I decided to pick my favorites and create a list to share with my fellow curly haired lovelies.  Scroll down to see which ones made the cut! 

 novex is a Brazilian brand designed especially for curly hair, which I've been using for a couple of years now.  I love these shampoos because they don't dry out my hair, and the added keratin attacks any frizz. 

  I prefer to wash my hair at night and then re- wet it in the morning.  I do so with Curly Hair Solutions H2O The Best Water Bottle for Fabulous Curls.  It sounds silly but this isn't your average water bottle.  It's designed to provide a "continuous" mist that covers a larger area of curls, and allows you to wet your hair faster and more evenly.  I have long hair so this definitely saves me time, and it's pretty durable.    
Curly Hair Solutions' Original Total Control for Frizzy Hair, paired with the Tames Textured Hair Styling Cream work amazingly for me.  The Total Control has a water-like consistency that I brush throughout my hair.  It helps minimize frizz, and doesn't weigh my hair down.  The Styling Cream has a thicker consistency that locks my curls in place and still manages to keep them soft.  No 90's wet look here!  (Spoiler alert; NONE of these products leave me with hard, crunchy curls.  Finally!)  
  O&M Styling Guru is an absolute must have.  It not only keeps my curls soft and manageable, but it smells amazing!  I like this one a lot because the texture is quite thin.  It allows for volume and definition, yet still has enough strength to keep my curls under control.  It comes in a pump too so it's also easy to apply and distribute.     

Love Beauty and Planet Medium Hold Volume Hair Spray  is a new product I came across by way of the fabulous FreeBeautyEvents, and I am SO grateful for the intro!  A 2019 Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner, it is infused with coconut milk and white jasmine, and smells incredible.  The unique bottle is powered by air, and dispenses a delicate mist.  After applying any gel/cream, I spritz this on the top of my head as the finishing touch.  It keeps fly aways at bay and makes it easy to put any stragglers back in place.   

  The Ouidad Vitalcurl Shampoo and Conditioner was recommended to me by my stylist at Ouidad.  They work to balance your hair's PH levels while gently cleansing and providing moisture.  I alternated between these and novex.       

  Undoubtedly, these two have been my go-tos throughout the summer (as you can see from the empty Mongongo Oil bottle, and near empty gel bottle :)  After learning about the havoc Moroccan oil reeks on hair (weighs it down, and basically eats away at it, in case you didn't know), I ditched anything with it on the label.  
I replaced it with Mongongo Oil.  It contains Vitamin E which is helpful for repairing split end.  Plus, Mongongo actually washes out when I shampoo, while the Moroccan Oil didn't.  Scary.
The Heat & Humidity Gel is my favorite gel to date.   It's everything I could want and more; lightweight, good control and hold, minimal frizz, easy to apply, a small amount goes a long way, creates definition, and keeps my curls s.o.f.t.  It has a thin consistency for a gel, and still manages to get the job done better then the heavier ones I've tried.  Curly girls, you will love this one.    

 Finally, once my curls have dried, I finish them off with a few drops of the Shine Glaze Serum.  It provides some added softness and extra protection against frizz.  

The end result?......


Casita Maria Center for Arts & Education Celebrates Kick- Off Party

General Pete Dawkins, Jackie Weld, Drake, Ambassador Mary Dawkins

Jacqueline Weld Drake opened her Park Avenue residence to nearly 100 friends to kick off Casita Maria Center for Arts & Education's annual “Fiesta” Gala. This year's honorees, newlyweds Ambassador Mary Dawkins and Brigadier General Peter Dawkins, Edgar Legaspi, as well as interior designer Juan Montoya were all there. Also being honored is the John Hardy jewelry company. 

Guests included Casita Maria Board members Ben Rodriguez-Cubeñas, Michèle Gerber Klein, Alberto Mariaca with his wife, Annabelle, Fiesta co-chairs Urban Karlsson, Mary Snow, HRH Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia, as well as Steven M.L. Aronson, Yanna Avis, Cathie Black, Merilee and Roy Bostock, Geoffrey Bradfield, Lady Liliana Cavendish, Joan Hardy Clark, Angela Chen, Suzi Cordish, Adiana Echavarria, Camila Mendoza-Echavarria, Nick and Edmée Firth, Susan Gutfreund, Ambassador Brenda Johnson, Alice Kandell, Maria Eugenia Maury and William Haseltine, Christopher Mason, Mary McFadden, Ann and Bill Nitze, Tom Quick, Marc Rosen, and Adrienne and Gianluigi Vittadini. 

On October 15, 2019, Casita Maria will host Fiesta 2019 at The Plaza Hotel. Fiesta attracts a glamorous international crowd for a lively evening that is light on speeches and great fun, all in the service of our serious purpose. Much of the operating budget of the organization is raised at the event. Tickets can be purchased here

The Casita Maria Center for Arts & Education is the oldest Latin charity in New York City, providing high-quality, innovative arts programming to over 1,000 students daily both during and after school. Located in our country’s poorest zip code, the South Bronx, the Casita Maria Center for Arts & Education creates a safe and welcoming community, enriching and uplifting youth and families towards success, through shared cultural, art and educational experiences and programs and producing participatory, well-rounded individuals who go on to fulfill their dreams.

 Myself, Homero Niño and Karen Klopp 

Photos courtesy of John Sanderson/AnnieWatt.com 

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Free Beauty Events September Giveaway

FreeBeautyEvents.com is back this month with another amazing giveaway!  For anyone not familiar with FBE, the site is a great tool for all beauty addicts.  It helps you stay up to date on the latest beauty happenings in your area and serves as an awesome way to snag killer free samples. Each month the site gives away a bundle chalk full of the industry's best must haves.  Let's check them out! 

This month's basket includes industry favorites from L'Oreal, Maybelline, Neutrogena, and more!  The contest runs from now through 9/30/19, winners will be chosen on 10/10/19 and notified by 10/15/19.  Entering is simple!  Visit FreeBeautyEvents on Facebook (don't forget to like them!) or enter directly on their website.

Besides the monthly giveaways, the site also offers great beauty advice and product reviews on their blog.  Like any of the products you read about?  Keep your eyes open for your chance to stock up!  Easy as 1-2-3, just enter your zip code into the site's search bar to find out which locations in your area might be handing out samples.  It's a helpful way to keep up to date with the beauty events happening in your town.  

Get more FBE info here

Have you attended an event listed on the site? 

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