Saturday, February 28, 2015

Beauty Box 5 : February Reveal

You might recall that February is a special month for our favorite monthly subscription Beauty Box 5.  Why?  Because this month BB5 celebrates its third birthday!!  And for all BB5 recipients we know that means this month's box is guaranteed to be full of extra fabulousness!    
For those of you that don't know, Beauty Box 5 is a monthly subscription that delivers five of the beauty industry's hottest picks, straight to your door.  And lucky me receives a complimentary box each month in exchange for my thoughts :)  Now, let's dive into the good stuff!  

Avon: Big Color Eye Pencil: Sunskissed
Retail: $3.49

Naturally golds and gold toned eye make up are my favorite because they bring out blue eyes (which I have).  I was psyched to get my paws on this Big Color Eye Pencil from Avon!  Its gel formula went on ultra smooth with no dragging and turned out to be really easy to blend.  It was nicely pigmented too so the color really popped.  

GlamGlow Youthful Tinglexfoliate Treatment
Retail: $ 69.00 1.7 oz

This was perfect because my skin is always in need of a little extra TLC, especially after the cold winter months.  It doubles as a soothing, anti- aging face mask that also exfoliates, and brightens tired looking skin.   

Revlon Colorstay Nail Enamel: Velvet Rope
Retail: $3.99

I can never have enough Revlon nail polishes!  This one is great because its brush has a slightly angled tip.  It makes it easier to achieve even coverage and helps you avoid getting polish all over your cuticle.  Plus, I was an instant fan of the sexy burgundy color.    

Absolute New York: Absolute Love Lip Balm
Retail: $5.00

This Bubble Gum scented balm smells way too good.  I expected it to have that sweet taste but it didn't which was good.  You won't have to worry about that constant urge to lip your lips.  It's lightly pigmented with a subtle pink hue.  Once slicked on, however, it appears more like a gloss and leaves behind a wet lip effect.

Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow in Vanilla Frosting
Retail: $22.50 .04 oz

I've said in the past glitters and shimmers aren't really my thing,  but a decent white highlighter is pretty much a viable beauty must have.  This does the job quite nicely.  It's advertised as "iridescent" but is still rather pigmented.  That said, a little can go a long way and I expect I'll be using it a lot come Spring!

Because it was their birthday, BB5 was extra generous and also included a $20 gift card to yourMinerals.  Their product selection ranges from awesome all-naturals shadows, foundations,  blushes to really amazing brushes.  Can't wait to check them out!

Do you subscribe to BB5?  Are you interested?

Monday, February 23, 2015

Get the Look: The Oscars 87th Annual Academy Awards

“American Sniper” star and Oscar presenter Sienna Miller stunned on the red carpet tonight with an “Old Hollywood,” 1960s Audrey Hepburn-inspired makeup look created by famed makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury.
Together, Sienna Miller worked collaboratively with her long-time friend that she has proclaimed as being the “queen of the cat eye” to kick her glamorous look, driven by her Oscar de la Renta gown, into high gear.
Get the Look: 
1.       Charlotte Tilbury applied her Goddess Skin Clay Mask, a product that Charlotte says “is the key to shrinking pores and tightening the skin, leaving you with a perfectly dewy, plumped and revived red carpet glow”
2.       Charlotte’s Magic Cream – Charlotte’s “secret to red carpet skin”- and Wonderglow were applied to hydrate the skin and create a soft-focus which is “amazing for HDTV”
3.       Charlotte then applied Light Wonder Foundation in 6 Medium and 7 Medium, then the Retoucher Concealer in 2 Fair under the eyes and 3 Medium for the rest of Sienna’s face
4.       Next, Airbrush Powder Flawless Finish Powder in 1 Fair and 2 Medium was applied only to the T-Zone to control shine while keeping from taking away from the dewiness on the rest of the skin
5.       To enhance Sienna’s eyebrows, Charlotte used Brow Lift in Grace K and Cara D
6.       Rock ‘N’ Kohl Eye Pencil in Bedroom Black and The Feline Flick Quick Fine Line Shodo Pen were used over the lash line to dramatically define the eyes.
7.       Using her Eye Smudger Brush and The Eyeshadow Luxury Palette in The Sophisticate, and Full Fat Lashes, Charlotte accentuated Sienna’s “winged” eyes, focusing on the crease and lash line areas
8.       To enhance the cheekbones, Charlotte applied Filmstar Bronze & Glow with the Powder & Sculpt Brush, following the hollows of the cheeks and along the jaw line with the bronzer and applying the highlighter shade to the top of the cheekbones
9.       To further accentuate Sienna’s features, Beach Sticks in Moonbeach and Ibiza were used to illuminate and sculpt.
10.   To prep the lips, Charlotte used Lip Love Lip Scrub and Lip Magic. Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Liner in Pillow Talk was applied to mimic the pigment of Sienna’s lips and filled in with K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in Bitch Perfect
11.   For an all over glow, Charlotte applied Supermodel Body all over Sienna’s limbs
Shop the Charlotte Tilbury here!


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Review: L’ANZA Haircare Keratin Healing Oil Collection

I've been using products from the luxurious L'ANAZA Healing Haircare Keratin Healing Oil Collection for the past several weeks ago, and well, my hair is looking pretty damn good.  
I've dubbed it the dream collection because it contains every product your hair could possibly need including Shampoo, Conditioner, Combing Cream, Cream Gel, Finishing Spray and Healing Oil to name a few.  The special ingredient is the Keratin protein which reconstructs the inner layers of the hair to add volume.  It's secret weapon though is the Phyto IV Complex: a combination of Abyssinian Flower Oil, Coffee Seed Oil, Acai Fruit Oil and Babassu Kernel Oil.  Together they rehydrate and totally transform hair and give it a healthier appearance.   
My hair is curly so its texture is on the dry side and the lack of moisture in the winter air always takes a toll on it.  Therefore, I'm always looking for products that pack a lot of hydration and the L'ANZA shampoo and conditioner definitely delivered.  First off, they smell delicious.  The scent is super sweet and lingers a bit, but isn't overpowering.  Immediately after my first use I saw a reduction in frizz, which was a huge plus because my hair is always frizzy.  After a few uses I started seeing an increase in my hair's softness.  Being that I'm prone to product buildup, I especially liked the shampoo.  It was so lightweight that I didn't have to worry about over using and struggling to rinse it out.  The conditioner was on the rich side so like the others, I only applied it to the lower half of my head.   
Next, I followed with the Combing Cream which is supposed to help smooth and detangle.  I applied two pumps to the lower half of my damp hair and worked it through with my fingers.  Being that it is in the form of a cream, I expected it to be heavy but it wasn't at all.  It absorbed in seconds and with just a few brushes strokes, all the knots slipped right out. 
 Now, please note that I own about seventeen different oils.  And this one is by far, the most glorious of them all.  Its texture is unlike any I've ever tried before.  It's so luxe that it's almost cream- like instead of oily.  I know when I put it that way, it probably sounds heavy and thick right? Wrong.  It's as light as a feather and my hair drank it right up.  And there wasn't a trace of greasy residue on my hands after application.  The benefits of it are endless.  My hair has become softer, shinier, smoother, my ends are looking better, and it makes blow drying so much faster. If you only try one product from this collection, let it be the Healing Oil.
Finally, it was time to get muh style on!  The TLC on my locks continued with the Cream Gel and Finishing Spray.  The Cream Gel was awesome because it kept my hair soft and rinsed out easily.  The hold on its own was so-so for me.  The formula is very light and because my hair is so thick and unruly, I need something heavy to weigh it down.  But once topped off with a spritz of the finishing spray we were good to go.  Some things I really liked were that 1.) it wasn't sticky like gel, and 2.) it kept my hair soft.  I didn't have to deal with the crunchy curls or that icky wet look.  The Finishing Spray is a hair spray with a hold level of 9-10.  It absolutely gives you a firm hold, and keeps those pesky wispys from popping up. My only issue, was that because the hold is so strong, I found it hard to rinse out.  I can't use shampoo everyday because it dries my hair out, so I alternate between shampooing and rinsing it with water.  For the days I didn't use shampoo, this took some effort to remove.   
Overall the L'ANZA collection is amazing and I'd definitely recommend it for tired, thirsty hair that needs to be revitalized.  Shop the products here!    

Have you tried L'ANZA products?  What did you think?


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Get the Look: NYFW Fall 2015/ Winter 2016

Designer: JOIE
Lead Makeup Artist & Manicurist: Katie Jane Hughes, butter LONDON Global Colour Ambassador

The collection was inspired by the poetic soul of 1970s bohemia. Celebrating the rich mood, spirit, and colors of this era, the collection captures her free spirit and artistic expression. Luxe outerwear and chunky knits create plush layers in neutral tones, while dark florals and floaty silks
exude a romantic elegance throughout.
Get the Look: 
·         Mix moisturizer and concealer for lightweight coverage.
·         Apply butter LONDON WINK Cream Shadow in Treacle down the bridge of the nose and to the inner corners of eyes.
·         Apply butter LONDON CHEEKY Cream Bronzer in Bit Faker to the eyelid crease only.
·         Then apply butter LONDON WINK Eye Pencil in All Hail The Queen across bottom lid.
·         Finish with butter LONDON Iconoclast Mega Volume Lacquer Mascara (NEW – launching in March) only at the roots of lashes to create an effortless look.
·         Comb clear brow gel through the brows to create a full, bold brows.
·         Mix butter LONDON Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayons in Tea With The Queen, Teddy Boy and Toff (NEW  - launching in April) then apply to lips.
·         Push a small amount of butter LONDON CHEEKY Cream Blush in Ruby Murray on cheekbones.

Get the Look:
·         Apply one coat of butter LONDON Nail 999 Base Coat to clean, dry nails.
·         Then apply one coat of butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in Yummy Mummy.
·         Follow with a coat of butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in High Tea.
·         Finish with butter LONDON Nail 999 Top Coat to seal in color.

Designer: Tadashi Shoji
 Lead Manicurist: Katie Jane Hughes, butter LONDON Global Colour Ambassador
The collection, inspired by the joy of flight, includes ethereal silhouettes that evoke a feeling of weightlessness and aerodynamic seaming that inspirits movement.
Get the Look: 
1.       Start by applying butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in Cotton Buds with a sponge making sure the nail tip is covered, so the white color fades up diagonally like a cloud.
2.       Using butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in Full Monty, use the opposite side of the sponge to soften any harsh lines and blend the white and gold nail lacquers slightly.  
3.       Finish by using butter LONDON Hardwear P.D. Quick Top Coat to give the nails a brilliant shine.
Designer: Creatures of the Wind
 Lead Manicurist: Katie Jane Hughes, butter LONDON Global Colour Ambassador
The collection Collection was influenced by “definitive moments of American culture as viewed through a psychedelic lens,” as told by designers Shane Gabier and Christopher Peters. “The clothes take a nod to the 1920s art-deco period and the progressive 1970s.” To bring this vision to life, Hughes created an bold metallic nail devoid of shine with a matte finish.
Get the Look:
1.       Apply butter LONDON Nail 999 Rescue Base Coat to clean, dry nails. Let dry completely.
2.       Apply two coats of  butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in Diamond Geezer, a shiny, platinum colour.
3.       Finish by using butter LONDON Matte Finish Top Coat to mattify.

Designer: Nicole Miller
Lead Manicurist: Katie Jane Hughes, butter LONDON Global Colour Ambassador
Nicole Miller’s Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection was influenced by a dark, mythical forest. The collection features deep jewel-tones for an effortlessly beautiful look that is mysterious and chic. To bring this vision to life, butter LONDON Global Colour Ambassador Katie Jane Hughes created a bespoke nail look that was very deep and rich in color.
Get the Look: 
  1. Apply one coat of butter LONDON Patent Gel Base Coat
  2. Apply one coat of butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in Union Jack Black, a patent leather-like jet black shade, to add depth and richness to the shade going over it…
  3. Apply one coat of butter LONDON British Nail Lacquer in Racing Green, a dark, hunter green nail lacquer
  4. Apply one coat of butter LONDON Patent Gel Top Coat to add high shine to the nail


Designer: Ji Oh
Lead Stylist: Adam Margarin
The Team: Rene Furterer and Soda Salon stylists  
Styled to have drama and edge, the look was created with a lot of grit and texture applied by Rene Furterer’s Volumea Spray and Mousse throughout the scalp. They then hand dried the hair leaving a natural texture that was able to be easily manipulated into a ponytail which was then swept forward for a Faux -Bang with soft natuarla pieces falling out around the perimeter.
Get the Look:  
  • Prep hair with Rene Furterer Volumea Spray and Mousse
  • Hand dry to leave natural texture
  • Use an elastic and create a ponytail that can be pulled up into a faux bang
  • Pin hair across the top of head to keep in place
  • Give the faux fringe a soft sweep to the side
  • Pull down soft pieces around the perimeter of head
  • Finish with Rene Furterer Gloss spray

Products available here 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My New Ombre Look

A few months ago I reviewed (and loved!) the latest "Feel My Hair" collection of hair products from celeb stylist Angela Cosmai.  Having been featured in Vogue, Allure, and Glamour, Angela is a well known colorist-contrarian with high end cliental including some of Hollywood's biggest celebs.  So when Angela herself contacted me and invited me in for a service, of course I said yes! 
Angela owns the fabulous Angela Cosmai Salon in Stamford Connecticut, but also puts in time at the Pierre Michel Salon here in NYC, which is where I met her for my service.  Like we all should, (and probably don't) Angela puts hair health first and foremost by embracing the concept of subtly and the "less is more" approach.   
For a while now I've been contemplating the ombre effect but was a little reluctant.  I noticed that most of those who don the glorious ombre look are usually photographed with either straight hair or some nice barrel curls/waves.  Not so much the ringlets like yours truly.  Even though I wear my hair straight, I don't always have time for a blow out and will settle for throwing in some gel. Bottom line, I was on the fence.  But after learning Angela's attitude toward the dramatics, I knew she would be the perfect stylist to let try it.
Let the magic begin!!
My natural color and length before anything was done:
Pre- Magic
We discussed adding some blond to my ends and to a few pieces around the front to frame my face:
A bit of blond, a trim, a blow out and some barrel curls later.........................................

I loved the end result!  It was just enough to be noticeable and create a softer look, without being too harsh or damaging to my hair.  Loves it!!  Overall, a really pretty effect.
Book your appointment:
Angela Cosmai Salon
1026 High Ridge Road
Stamford, CT 06905
Phone: (203) 461.8252
Hours: Tues- Sat 9AM- 5PM
Angela is available Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays at:
Pierre Michel Salon
135 E 57th St, New York, NY 10022
(212) 750-3660
Get more on Angela Cosmai: 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Free Beauty Events February Giveaway

All you beauties out there know I'm how much I love  You've heard me rave about them being a fabulous beauty resource and a great way to snag some killer free samples.  Their giveaways are always amazing and this month is no different.  February's beauty bundle includes songstress Katy Perry's Killer Queen Fragrance, products from CoverGirl, Olay, Vaseline and more! The contest runs from now through 2/28/15 and winners will be chosen on 3/5/2015 and notified by 3/15/2015.  To enter, visit them on Facebook (don't forget to like them! :) or enter directly on their website.     
Besides the monthly giveaways, the site also offers great beauty advice and product reviews on their blog.  Like any of the products you read about?  Keep your eyes open for your chance to stock up!  Easy as 1-2-3, just enter your zip code into the site's search bar to find out which locations in your area might be handing out samples.  It's a helpful way to keep up to date with the beauty events happening in your town.      


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Review: Drowning by Jassy de Jong

When I got asked to review Drowning, the latest romance novel by Jassy de Jong, I accepted because after reading its summary, I fully expected to like it:

"Sensuous but stifled New York City photographer Erin Mitchell thinks going to South Africa on assignment will be the perfect getaway. But when a flash flood washes away Erin’s vehicle and she is stranded at a luxury safari lodge, Erin’s romantic working vacation takes an interesting turn. She awakens from her near-drowning and meets her rescuer, Nicholas—hot and brilliant, successful and caring—not at all like her abusive husband. At Leopard Rock in the steamy South African heat, Erin faces the toughest choices of her life. Nicholas is ripped, he's smart and he's "no strings attached." The question of whether to give in or not to give in drowns Erin’s senses as she struggles with two impossible goals: ignore the exquisite physical charms of her host, and conceal every last detail whenever her controlling husband calls. On the other side, Nicholas faces impossible choices of his own, as his bon vivant playboy lifestyle may just possibly collide with feelings more powerful than lust. 

Erotic. Exotic. Emotional. Drowning sizzles as one woman is stretched to the breaking point by the strength of her vows and the intensity of her seething primal desires."

But what I didn't expect, was that I'd love it so much I'd be devouring every page.  The true definition of a "page turner", Drowning was sincerely hard to put down.  The summary has all the goods to draw you in.  Exotic locations, near death experiences, a love triangle and of course, those steamy sex scenes.  But Drowning went beyond that and created one of those experiences where you're so invested in the characters that you actually care what happens to them. 

The book begins with Erin waking up and recovering from her car accident.  She learns that she is stranded on a luxurious estate with none other then her rescuer, the alluring (and very single) Nicholas de Lanoy.  The story focuses on their growing and intense attraction, while at the same time, Erin's abusive husband is(n't) trying to reunite with her after they were separated in the accident. 

It's obvious that Erin is strong, yet vulnerable.  She has a colorful past and has overcome a series of obstacles that make her not only relatable, but (IMO) very likable.  Believe it or not, Nicholas did not come off the elusive playboy I expected.  He seemed caring, genuine, and had eyes only for Erin. 
Because the two characters' chemistry flys off the pages, it is easy to believe the pace at which Erin's relationship with Nicholas unfolds.  The interesting part that she is also a devoted wife who loves her husband, despite his abusiveness, making the struggle with her conscience real, and her actions sometimes very surprising.

 Oddly, I never saw Erin as a cheater.  The story seemed to convey a different message about love and timing.  Drowning is one of those books you don't want to see end  <sigh> .  It was a fun, saucy read that offers a great little escape from reality. 

Drowning is available at:

Barnes & Noble:
Publishing Company:


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Review: Geluxury Slippers

Luxurious bedroom slippers that also contain skin repair properties?  Now that's what I'm talkin 'bout.  Nothing beats the feeling of slipping your tired tootsies into a comfy pair of slippers after a hard day.  


Featuring SmartGel® technology, the Geluxury Slippers provide comfort and skin repair at the same time.  Infused with seven botanical oils and ceramides, the dermatologist tested SmartGel® is formulated to restore, repair and rejuvenate distressed skin on the feet. 

The Geluxury Slippers are fully lined with a contoured fit, providing treatment to the entire foot. With regular use, these moisture-replenishing slippers will soften and smooth dry, rough skin and calluses, while repairing damaged cuticles and nail beds. The Geluxury Slippers are available in leopard and cow print and can be hand washed and reused, with the long-lasting SmartGel® proving hundreds of treatments.  

The SmartGel® formula features mineral oil, avocado oil, canola oil,   jojoba oil, grape seed oil,  soybean oil, olive oil and ceramides.  

When PR offered to send me a pair to try, they didn't have to ask me twice!  Unfortunately this scatter brain took them on a visit to my parents' house and accidentally left them behind :(  Luckily my wonderful mother agreed to try them out.  Read her thoughts below (and why she refused to send them back!)

"I have been using the Geluxury Slippers since January and have to say that they appear to do the task at hand (or I should say foot!)  Wearing them during the week is a pleasure I look forward to as they do soften the heals of my feet nicely. Walking around the house in them is like walking on water, especially when you have hard wood floors!  
I wore them for about three hours everyday during the week while doing housework, and noticed my heels getting softer around the two week mark.  On weekends, I washed the slippers and got used to treating myself to pedicures while I let them air dry in a sunny location.  Because my skin was getting softer, it was becoming easier to remove the dry skin with my Amope, making the pedicures much more effective.  Since using the slippers, I've seen a steady improvement in my skin.  I'm looking forward to the summer months when their cool, soothing insides will feel even more refreshing!!" 
- Softens rough heels and callouses on feet

             - Very refreshing cool feel to feet, especially in the summer.

             - Feels really nice to walk around on, especially on hard wood floors!

- Needs to be hand washed & air dried.

Available here

These have such awesome benefits and are a terrific gift idea!  Are you interested in trying a pair?
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