Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Review: Geluxury Slippers

Luxurious bedroom slippers that also contain skin repair properties?  Now that's what I'm talkin 'bout.  Nothing beats the feeling of slipping your tired tootsies into a comfy pair of slippers after a hard day.  


Featuring SmartGel® technology, the Geluxury Slippers provide comfort and skin repair at the same time.  Infused with seven botanical oils and ceramides, the dermatologist tested SmartGel® is formulated to restore, repair and rejuvenate distressed skin on the feet. 

The Geluxury Slippers are fully lined with a contoured fit, providing treatment to the entire foot. With regular use, these moisture-replenishing slippers will soften and smooth dry, rough skin and calluses, while repairing damaged cuticles and nail beds. The Geluxury Slippers are available in leopard and cow print and can be hand washed and reused, with the long-lasting SmartGel® proving hundreds of treatments.  

The SmartGel® formula features mineral oil, avocado oil, canola oil,   jojoba oil, grape seed oil,  soybean oil, olive oil and ceramides.  

When PR offered to send me a pair to try, they didn't have to ask me twice!  Unfortunately this scatter brain took them on a visit to my parents' house and accidentally left them behind :(  Luckily my wonderful mother agreed to try them out.  Read her thoughts below (and why she refused to send them back!)

"I have been using the Geluxury Slippers since January and have to say that they appear to do the task at hand (or I should say foot!)  Wearing them during the week is a pleasure I look forward to as they do soften the heals of my feet nicely. Walking around the house in them is like walking on water, especially when you have hard wood floors!  
I wore them for about three hours everyday during the week while doing housework, and noticed my heels getting softer around the two week mark.  On weekends, I washed the slippers and got used to treating myself to pedicures while I let them air dry in a sunny location.  Because my skin was getting softer, it was becoming easier to remove the dry skin with my Amope, making the pedicures much more effective.  Since using the slippers, I've seen a steady improvement in my skin.  I'm looking forward to the summer months when their cool, soothing insides will feel even more refreshing!!" 
- Softens rough heels and callouses on feet

             - Very refreshing cool feel to feet, especially in the summer.

             - Feels really nice to walk around on, especially on hard wood floors!

- Needs to be hand washed & air dried.

Available here

These have such awesome benefits and are a terrific gift idea!  Are you interested in trying a pair?

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