Saturday, February 21, 2015

Review: L’ANZA Haircare Keratin Healing Oil Collection

I've been using products from the luxurious L'ANAZA Healing Haircare Keratin Healing Oil Collection for the past several weeks ago, and well, my hair is looking pretty damn good.  
I've dubbed it the dream collection because it contains every product your hair could possibly need including Shampoo, Conditioner, Combing Cream, Cream Gel, Finishing Spray and Healing Oil to name a few.  The special ingredient is the Keratin protein which reconstructs the inner layers of the hair to add volume.  It's secret weapon though is the Phyto IV Complex: a combination of Abyssinian Flower Oil, Coffee Seed Oil, Acai Fruit Oil and Babassu Kernel Oil.  Together they rehydrate and totally transform hair and give it a healthier appearance.   
My hair is curly so its texture is on the dry side and the lack of moisture in the winter air always takes a toll on it.  Therefore, I'm always looking for products that pack a lot of hydration and the L'ANZA shampoo and conditioner definitely delivered.  First off, they smell delicious.  The scent is super sweet and lingers a bit, but isn't overpowering.  Immediately after my first use I saw a reduction in frizz, which was a huge plus because my hair is always frizzy.  After a few uses I started seeing an increase in my hair's softness.  Being that I'm prone to product buildup, I especially liked the shampoo.  It was so lightweight that I didn't have to worry about over using and struggling to rinse it out.  The conditioner was on the rich side so like the others, I only applied it to the lower half of my head.   
Next, I followed with the Combing Cream which is supposed to help smooth and detangle.  I applied two pumps to the lower half of my damp hair and worked it through with my fingers.  Being that it is in the form of a cream, I expected it to be heavy but it wasn't at all.  It absorbed in seconds and with just a few brushes strokes, all the knots slipped right out. 
 Now, please note that I own about seventeen different oils.  And this one is by far, the most glorious of them all.  Its texture is unlike any I've ever tried before.  It's so luxe that it's almost cream- like instead of oily.  I know when I put it that way, it probably sounds heavy and thick right? Wrong.  It's as light as a feather and my hair drank it right up.  And there wasn't a trace of greasy residue on my hands after application.  The benefits of it are endless.  My hair has become softer, shinier, smoother, my ends are looking better, and it makes blow drying so much faster. If you only try one product from this collection, let it be the Healing Oil.
Finally, it was time to get muh style on!  The TLC on my locks continued with the Cream Gel and Finishing Spray.  The Cream Gel was awesome because it kept my hair soft and rinsed out easily.  The hold on its own was so-so for me.  The formula is very light and because my hair is so thick and unruly, I need something heavy to weigh it down.  But once topped off with a spritz of the finishing spray we were good to go.  Some things I really liked were that 1.) it wasn't sticky like gel, and 2.) it kept my hair soft.  I didn't have to deal with the crunchy curls or that icky wet look.  The Finishing Spray is a hair spray with a hold level of 9-10.  It absolutely gives you a firm hold, and keeps those pesky wispys from popping up. My only issue, was that because the hold is so strong, I found it hard to rinse out.  I can't use shampoo everyday because it dries my hair out, so I alternate between shampooing and rinsing it with water.  For the days I didn't use shampoo, this took some effort to remove.   
Overall the L'ANZA collection is amazing and I'd definitely recommend it for tired, thirsty hair that needs to be revitalized.  Shop the products here!    

Have you tried L'ANZA products?  What did you think?


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