Saturday, February 28, 2015

Beauty Box 5 : February Reveal

You might recall that February is a special month for our favorite monthly subscription Beauty Box 5.  Why?  Because this month BB5 celebrates its third birthday!!  And for all BB5 recipients we know that means this month's box is guaranteed to be full of extra fabulousness!    
For those of you that don't know, Beauty Box 5 is a monthly subscription that delivers five of the beauty industry's hottest picks, straight to your door.  And lucky me receives a complimentary box each month in exchange for my thoughts :)  Now, let's dive into the good stuff!  

Avon: Big Color Eye Pencil: Sunskissed
Retail: $3.49

Naturally golds and gold toned eye make up are my favorite because they bring out blue eyes (which I have).  I was psyched to get my paws on this Big Color Eye Pencil from Avon!  Its gel formula went on ultra smooth with no dragging and turned out to be really easy to blend.  It was nicely pigmented too so the color really popped.  

GlamGlow Youthful Tinglexfoliate Treatment
Retail: $ 69.00 1.7 oz

This was perfect because my skin is always in need of a little extra TLC, especially after the cold winter months.  It doubles as a soothing, anti- aging face mask that also exfoliates, and brightens tired looking skin.   

Revlon Colorstay Nail Enamel: Velvet Rope
Retail: $3.99

I can never have enough Revlon nail polishes!  This one is great because its brush has a slightly angled tip.  It makes it easier to achieve even coverage and helps you avoid getting polish all over your cuticle.  Plus, I was an instant fan of the sexy burgundy color.    

Absolute New York: Absolute Love Lip Balm
Retail: $5.00

This Bubble Gum scented balm smells way too good.  I expected it to have that sweet taste but it didn't which was good.  You won't have to worry about that constant urge to lip your lips.  It's lightly pigmented with a subtle pink hue.  Once slicked on, however, it appears more like a gloss and leaves behind a wet lip effect.

Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow in Vanilla Frosting
Retail: $22.50 .04 oz

I've said in the past glitters and shimmers aren't really my thing,  but a decent white highlighter is pretty much a viable beauty must have.  This does the job quite nicely.  It's advertised as "iridescent" but is still rather pigmented.  That said, a little can go a long way and I expect I'll be using it a lot come Spring!

Because it was their birthday, BB5 was extra generous and also included a $20 gift card to yourMinerals.  Their product selection ranges from awesome all-naturals shadows, foundations,  blushes to really amazing brushes.  Can't wait to check them out!

Do you subscribe to BB5?  Are you interested?

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