Thursday, February 5, 2015

Review: Drowning by Jassy de Jong

When I got asked to review Drowning, the latest romance novel by Jassy de Jong, I accepted because after reading its summary, I fully expected to like it:

"Sensuous but stifled New York City photographer Erin Mitchell thinks going to South Africa on assignment will be the perfect getaway. But when a flash flood washes away Erin’s vehicle and she is stranded at a luxury safari lodge, Erin’s romantic working vacation takes an interesting turn. She awakens from her near-drowning and meets her rescuer, Nicholas—hot and brilliant, successful and caring—not at all like her abusive husband. At Leopard Rock in the steamy South African heat, Erin faces the toughest choices of her life. Nicholas is ripped, he's smart and he's "no strings attached." The question of whether to give in or not to give in drowns Erin’s senses as she struggles with two impossible goals: ignore the exquisite physical charms of her host, and conceal every last detail whenever her controlling husband calls. On the other side, Nicholas faces impossible choices of his own, as his bon vivant playboy lifestyle may just possibly collide with feelings more powerful than lust. 

Erotic. Exotic. Emotional. Drowning sizzles as one woman is stretched to the breaking point by the strength of her vows and the intensity of her seething primal desires."

But what I didn't expect, was that I'd love it so much I'd be devouring every page.  The true definition of a "page turner", Drowning was sincerely hard to put down.  The summary has all the goods to draw you in.  Exotic locations, near death experiences, a love triangle and of course, those steamy sex scenes.  But Drowning went beyond that and created one of those experiences where you're so invested in the characters that you actually care what happens to them. 

The book begins with Erin waking up and recovering from her car accident.  She learns that she is stranded on a luxurious estate with none other then her rescuer, the alluring (and very single) Nicholas de Lanoy.  The story focuses on their growing and intense attraction, while at the same time, Erin's abusive husband is(n't) trying to reunite with her after they were separated in the accident. 

It's obvious that Erin is strong, yet vulnerable.  She has a colorful past and has overcome a series of obstacles that make her not only relatable, but (IMO) very likable.  Believe it or not, Nicholas did not come off the elusive playboy I expected.  He seemed caring, genuine, and had eyes only for Erin. 
Because the two characters' chemistry flys off the pages, it is easy to believe the pace at which Erin's relationship with Nicholas unfolds.  The interesting part that she is also a devoted wife who loves her husband, despite his abusiveness, making the struggle with her conscience real, and her actions sometimes very surprising.

 Oddly, I never saw Erin as a cheater.  The story seemed to convey a different message about love and timing.  Drowning is one of those books you don't want to see end  <sigh> .  It was a fun, saucy read that offers a great little escape from reality. 

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