Saturday, June 30, 2012

Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker pH Powered Lip Gloss

When CVS sent me a 30% coupon I decided to take advantage of it and headed over to the Physicians Formula cosmetics.  (I’m a fan but don’t buy them often because they tend to be a little pricey).  I started browsing when I noticed two entire rows of Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker pH Powered Lip Gloss had been completely wiped out with only ONE left- in Light Pink. Naturally I became curious and decided to try it.    
Its packaging alone sets it apart from other glosses.  Aside from the clever mirror on the side of the tube, the surprise convenience is under the cap.  The brush applicator contains an LED- powered light that turns on with the press of a button.  Allowing for flawless application at all times!  The prospect of never having to dig for a mirror or try and touch up on a dimly light subway car ever again is something I could get used to.  

The gloss glides on clear with a very faint shimmer, but changes to pink within seconds.  Combined with photochromic powders that adjust to environmental light and fluorescein based dye that detect your skin’s pH, the resulting shade is said to be the perfect match for your lips.  I can honestly say this was a fun product to work with because I actually did see variations in colors as I wore it. 
When I first applied it to my lips my body temp was high and I was in very bright area.  The result was an extremely bright, bubble gum-y shade of pink.  For the second application I was in a cooler, more dimly light area and watched it turn a paler, softer looking pink. 

The thick texture is slightly tacky, but is ultra shiny.   I had glistening, pouty lips for about two hours and once the shine wore off there was a totally gorgeous stain underneath.  I loved it because suddenly my lips had a natural, matte look.  There is no scent or taste to it, but makes for a fun summer accessory.  I can only seem to find two colors; Pink and Light Pink, but I believe the Light Pink is best for fair skinned complexions. 

Left: This swatch was after about 45 mins of exposure// Right: This swatch was after about 5 seconds of exposure.  Both were applied in the same room, with approximately the same light and temperature.
Retail: $9.99

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Elemis Celebrates the UK

The UK is host to some of this summer’s hottest events. Earlier this month we watched the Queen’s undeniably elegant Jubilee Garden Party, and now we await the anticipated 2012 Olympic Summer Games come July.  In celebration of it all the skincare experts of Britain's Elemis release their line of luxurious new Sp@Home products.     

Elemis’s Frangipani Monoi Body Oil is a must have for the season as it takes your body by storm, treating everything from your skin, nails and hair.   From the shores of the Polynesian Islands, it‘s frangipani flowers soaked in Coconut Oil hydrate skin while white gardenias surround you in a heavenly, sweet, floral aroma.  I was grateful to see it had a control spout that poured only a minimal amount at a time, preventing spills.  (You can never be too careful when using oils).  I gently massaged it into my legs after showering and saw that it absorbed fairly quickly.  It didn’t linger or leave me feeling greasy.  My skin began to feel baby soft and I couldn’t help but relish in its addictively gorgeous scent every time I used it.  Soon I began using it on my cuticles after manicures and watched them become softer and shapelier over time.  Its results are long lasting because even if I missed an application, my skin continued to feel smooth.  This multi functional oil makes for a fabulous accessory to ensure every part of you stays silky smooth this summer!   Retail $50.00  *Note*It solidifies at cooler temps and directions recommend placing it in a bowl of warm water to liquefy before use.  

Every girl strives for soft, sandal ready feet come summer and Elemis’s Treat Your Feet foot cream is a surefire way to get them.  It’s a rich cream that absorbs quickly, easily, and smells divine.  It contains the two powerful moisturizers shea butter and jojoba oil to soften and hydrate your skin.  I applied it in the evening and saw results literally over night.  I used an amount the size of a dime which proved to be enough for both feet combined.  I gently massaged it all over my feet, focusing on the rough areas.  I was surprised to find that it was not greasy and I could walk around my wood floors less than 10 minutes later, without feeling like I was on a slip and slide.  By the next morning I had noticed the rough patches already felt smoother.  It provides an intense moisturizing experience for your feet with heightened results after continued use.  Its blended scent of eucalyptus and lemon oils lets you drift off into relaxation while your feet are left feeling soothed and relieved.  I sincerely ADORE this cream and plan to use it year round.  Retail: $30.00

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sultra Hair Palette Color Clip- In Hair Extension

I’m a hopeless addict for trendy hair accessories, especially the eye catching Color Clip- In Hair Extensions by Sultra.   In an array of 14 vibrant colors including some super Jerseylicious cheetah prints, these extensions are super easy to apply and style.  Since they’re made of 100% Indian Remy hair, you can curl or straighten them without causing damage.  In order to apply them, I sectioned off a very small portion of hair, teased the root and clipped it in on top of it.  I had to snip about 1 inch off the bottom so it would match the length of my natural hair (they come 14 inches long and ¾ inch wide).  I ran over it several times with my flat iron and it blended beautifully.  Their texture is ultra soft and feels just like natural hair (eliminating any indication you’re wearing an extension).  I wore it over the course of a day, and found it stayed in place and didn’t get knotted. 
(In this bottom picture: Ultra Pink and the extension is not in my hair.  I just wanted to show it's ability to curl).
While I haven’t worn them enough times to warrant cleansing just yet, maintenance is simple according to the box.  Massage in a small amount of shampoo (conditioner optional), rinse in cold water, and lay flat to dry.   My favorite part is their intended versatility and ability to customize styling.  Not only can you chose from flirty colors like Ocean Teal, or edgy prints like Cyprus Lilac Cheetah, but you have the option to wear them straight, curled, braided etc.  They’re a fun way to spice up an outfit or add some playfulness to your look for this summer!  Retail $18.00 and available exclusively at Sephora

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Soft Lips Lip Protectant

As promised, the first review from Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out is in! From the contents of the goody bag, I began with using Soft Lips Sugar Plum Berry Lip Protectant from the 2011 Limited Edition Winter Collection for this past week and am officially hooked.  Its scent is sweet and fruity but remains tasteless on your lips.  It leaves a warm, tingling sensation almost immediately after application but subsides after about 8 minutes.  (Side note, I have insanely sensitive lips that dry out in seconds so it’s probable that the tingling feeling won’t last the same amount of time on everyone).  Usually I’m not a fan of tingly lip products but, after a few days I got used to it. 
Despite the tingling, it has some amazing benefits including an SPF 20 and it wears for a long period of time.  One application lasted me a solid 3 hours (which for me is close to record setting!).  The consistency is incredibly light and absorbs well, cutting down the amount of applications throughout the day.  The stick is exceptionally thin- we’re talking pencil thin- and I was initially skeptical about the coverage it would provide.  It's end is hardly the size of a pencil eraser but surprisingly enough it glided over my lips smoothly and evenly.  I’m picky about my lip balms but this one is definitely effective and lives up to my standards.  Reasonably priced around $4.00 and usually sold in 2 packs, they’re a fantastic buy.  Soft Lips has several different collections including glosses, lip conditioners, tinted and organic balms…  Do I plan to try more of these fab products? YES!   

Friday, June 8, 2012

Shecky's Girl's Night Out

Thanks to totally fab fellow blogger Silvana of GlitzGlamBudget, (ladies check it out!) I found out about Shecky's Girl's Night Out event. The event is held in various cities and I was fortunate enough to attend the one here in NYC.  In purchasing the ticket before a certain date I was able to get it for a discounted price of $13.00 and it included a fun goody and some yummy cocktails at the event.  The space had vendors selling jewelry, clothes, cosmetics and some hair products. 

I think my favorite part of the evening was getting my hot pink hair extension :p  For $1.00 I got to choose from a bright green, royal blue or hot pink, and the kind stylists of Eruan Salon and Spa applied it to my hair.  They also gave a bag of samples including a small bottle of Bio Silk Silk Therapy and jar of L’Oreal Vitamino Color Incell Hydro- Resist Gel Masque.  (Reviews coming soon!)

Of course I didn't stop there and I once I spotted the cosmestics, I made a beeline towards them.  The vendor was Jaguar Luxury Cosmetics and I started checking out their glosses.  The glosses were $5.00 and the liners were $3.00.  Although I didn’t end up purchasing any, the gloss I tried had a nice consistency and smelled pleasant too (fruity).  (I just didn’t see any colors that I didn’t already have and decided to hold off).
By the end of the night I’d enjoyed a few cocktails and had a relaxing time browsing the beautiful garments and various pieces of jewelry.  It was good experience and I’m glad I was able to attend.  I’ve already started using some of the contents of the goody bag which in included:  a package of Nicole Scherzinger’s imPress Press on Manicure nails, a 2 pack of Soft Lips lips protectant, a tube of Likewise Daily Skincare Moisturizer, sample pack of Fiafini Skincare Hydration Moisturizer, a 1.7 fl oz. bottle of Nivea Touch of Serenity body wash, Berocca tablets, a packet of Wisk Detergent and can of La Croix Sparking Water(obviously these aren't beauty related but were part of the bag).  I will have reviews and feedback on the contents coming soon! J  
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