Saturday, June 30, 2012

Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker pH Powered Lip Gloss

When CVS sent me a 30% coupon I decided to take advantage of it and headed over to the Physicians Formula cosmetics.  (I’m a fan but don’t buy them often because they tend to be a little pricey).  I started browsing when I noticed two entire rows of Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker pH Powered Lip Gloss had been completely wiped out with only ONE left- in Light Pink. Naturally I became curious and decided to try it.    
Its packaging alone sets it apart from other glosses.  Aside from the clever mirror on the side of the tube, the surprise convenience is under the cap.  The brush applicator contains an LED- powered light that turns on with the press of a button.  Allowing for flawless application at all times!  The prospect of never having to dig for a mirror or try and touch up on a dimly light subway car ever again is something I could get used to.  

The gloss glides on clear with a very faint shimmer, but changes to pink within seconds.  Combined with photochromic powders that adjust to environmental light and fluorescein based dye that detect your skin’s pH, the resulting shade is said to be the perfect match for your lips.  I can honestly say this was a fun product to work with because I actually did see variations in colors as I wore it. 
When I first applied it to my lips my body temp was high and I was in very bright area.  The result was an extremely bright, bubble gum-y shade of pink.  For the second application I was in a cooler, more dimly light area and watched it turn a paler, softer looking pink. 

The thick texture is slightly tacky, but is ultra shiny.   I had glistening, pouty lips for about two hours and once the shine wore off there was a totally gorgeous stain underneath.  I loved it because suddenly my lips had a natural, matte look.  There is no scent or taste to it, but makes for a fun summer accessory.  I can only seem to find two colors; Pink and Light Pink, but I believe the Light Pink is best for fair skinned complexions. 

Left: This swatch was after about 45 mins of exposure// Right: This swatch was after about 5 seconds of exposure.  Both were applied in the same room, with approximately the same light and temperature.
Retail: $9.99

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