Tuesday, March 3, 2015

New Launch: ISSEY MIYAKE L'eau D'issey City Blossom

I recently attended the launch event for L'eau D'issey City Blossom, the latest fragrance from Issey Miyake.  Guest sipped on cocktails and were treated to delicious hors-d'oeuvres while experiencing the newest must have fragrance.   
The new scent is a revamp of the originally popular L'eau D'issey version of the early 90's, City Blossom takes on a sophisticated, more modern feel.  
Retail: $ 100.00
Available: Fine retail stores nationwide
The perfect transitional scent for Winter to Spring, City Blossom's signature is "life in bloom" and draws inspiration from nature's miracles within the bustling city's walls.   It sweetly celebrates the melting of winter's pristine white canvas to reveal the sprouts of new life that splash the city streets with color.

For this Spring 2015 limited edition fragrance, the brand invited Alberto Morillas and visual street artist Mademoiselle Maurice to unleash their creativity and imagination.
When asked to created a visual that would reflect joy and poetry, Mademoiselle Maurice produced an intricate image of vibrant colors, reminiscent of petals blowing through the breeze.  The lovely graphic appears on both the box and the bottle.

The stunning artwork that graced the walls of the event, all done by hand by French visual street artistMademoiselle Maurice

The Scent: 
This very resonance transforms the figurative and abstract flowers on which the perfumer Alberto Morillas focused his creation into a divine spring breeze: the bright and cheerful opening like the signs of changing seasons, pink peppercorn, and a sprinkling of citrus notes, not forgetting a hint of calone, a nod to the legendary L’Eau d'Issey: the first quivering of a bud that will soon be blossoming. In dewy surroundings, the freshness is accentuated with middle notes that resonate beneath delicately honey-like osmanthus flowers, an invitation to travel  to the other side of the city  offered by freesia and magnolia: reserved and measured, the flower chose to retain its mystery by only opening halfway. Then with the bottom notes made up of natural Virginia white cedar dominated by powerful notes of ambrox and white musk, this imaginary bouquet takes shape and draws its energy, “texturising” itself like the petals of a flower which finally touch the skin...the flower opens out completely, serenely, in a subtle mingling of charm and boldness. 
I love this scent's unique take on ushering in the new season and more importantly, because it's unlike any other florals that I own.  Its pink packing had me expecting it to be overly flirty and sweet, but on the contrary, it has a crisp, clean feel.  Much like a fresh rainfall, it is destined to make you crave Spring every time you wear it.

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