Sunday, March 8, 2015

Review: RITUALS Sakura Spring Foaming Shower Oil


Sakura Spring Foaming Shower Oil
Retail: $15.00
RITUALS Sakura Spring Foaming Shower Oil  has been really soothing on my skin through these past winter months, and has proven to be a great preparation for Springtime.  Like most RITUALS products, the scent is gorgeous.  Made with organic Rice Milk and Eastern Cherry Blossom, it's uplifting, sweet, and totally refreshing.  The texture was unique.  When first dispensed from the pump, it's a lightweight, oil- like liquid with a greenish tint.  Once mixed with water and lathered on, the texture transforms into a gentle foam.  
I absolutely loved using this.  It made my skin feel so clean and hydrated.  When I was rinsing it off in the shower, I could feel the slick effect from the oil after it lightly coated my skin. After drying off, my skin felt silky smooth and there wasn't a trace of nasty, greasy residue. 
 This is a great buy for thirsty skin that has been beaten up by the harsh cold, or for skin that is just typically dry (like mine).  I used it daily for cleansing, as well as shaving, without experiencing any irritation.  Another element I love about RITUALS products is that sometimes they turnout to be multifunctional, without even meaning to be.  Directions advise you to rinse the bath/shower area after using it to avoid slipping, but personally I didn't experience any of the slip n' slide aftermath.  Overall, it think it's one of my RITUALS favorites and I'd definitely recommend adding it to your list of Spring Must Haves. 

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