Sunday, March 29, 2015

Wet n Wild 2015 Collection

A couple weeks ago I attended the launch of Wet n Wild's  2015 Collection, where I got an up close look at all the goods!  Guests were wined and dined with signature cocktails and treated to professional make up touch ups.  The brand showcased all of its newest releases, and generously allowed guests to select samples from the smorgasbord of products to take home. 
A sucker for new lip colors, I practically dove into the bowl of Silk Finish Lipsticks.  The 24 new shades range from vibrant fuchsias and reds, to natural looking nudes.  Great options for the upcoming Spring and Summer, and you can totally stock up without breaking the bank.  They're super pigmented and glide right on.  Made with a creamy formula that contains vitamins A & E, aloe vera and macadamia nut oil, they're also super hydrating. 
Retail: $.99
L-R: Fuchsia with Blue Pearl, Just Garnet, Nouveau Pink, 15 Minutes Aflame, Retro Pink, Will You Be With Me? 

Looking for a new mascara?  Of course you are!   

Retail: $ 4.99
The Max Volume Plus (MVP) Mascara is definitely worth a try.  I'm a little hard to please in the mascara department because it's the one product I can't live without, but this one totally won me over.  At first the formula seemed too wet for me, but it dried pretty quickly.  I applied two coats and was shocked to see that my lashes took on a doll- like appearance almost instantly.  The shocking thing is that it took little effort to create.  The applicator bristles are rubber (ideal for lengthening), but they were unusually short.  I felt like the shortness of the bristles is what allowed them to get so close to the base that they were able to fully comb through and separate my lashes before distributing the product.  The brush itself had a unique shape.  It was wide at the base and got thinner towards the tip, where the bristles became SUPER short.  This turned out to work well for reaching the inner and outer corners of my eyes to get even coverage for a really full, voluminous effect.

Cover All Face Primer
Retail: $4.99
I LOVE this new primer!  The texture and appearance are similar to that of a white lotion.  This is because it's made with white sapphire, a new ingredient that is supposed to leave you with a smooth, "crystal complexion".  I'm not certain what the white sapphire element is exactly, but I can tell you that this little guy definitely kept my make up in place and I absolutely loved the smooth texture.  It felt more moisturizing then some of my other primers.  Other advertised benefits are minimized pores and even skin tone.  
The rows of new polishes were endless and I could hardly contain myself.  These were a few of my picks from the new Wild Shine Nail Colors.
Retail: $.99
L-R: Nuclear War, Oups, Putting on Airs, Tickled Pink, be More Pacific
The collection debuts 27 new shades with a new and improved high shine formula and sleek new packaging.  The formula is also 3-free (no formaldehyde, toluene or phthalates).   The finish is super glossy, and also had a nice wear time of about a week with no chipping.    

Cover All Correcting Palette
Retail: $ 3.99
Another must have was the Cover All Correcting Palette.  It's designed to provide coverage for any unwanted appearance.  The green helps reduce redness, the white brightens and highlights, and the yellow and purple act as opposites.  I've already put a nice dent in the yellow for the under circles that sometimes sneak up on me.  The purple works to hide any overly yellow spots that might develop.         

After I got my make up touched up with some of the deelies from the Fergie Collection, I couldn't possibly leave without snagging a few for the road.  Check out my picks below: 

Camouflage Couture Eye Shadow

Hollywood Boulevard Bronzer
Milano Collections Eye Shadow
Have you tried anything from the new collection?  Which products did you fall in love with?  

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  1. These are gorgeous! I would pick one of each!! I haven't owned Wet N Wild products yet but had been meaning to :)

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane


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