Saturday, March 28, 2015

Beauty Box 5: March Reveal

Hello dolls, this month's BeautyBox 5 was petty sick in my opinion.  For those of you that don't know, Beauty Box 5 is a monthly subscription that delivers five of the beauty industry's hottest picks, straight to your door.  And lucky me receives a complimentary box each month in exchange for my thoughts :)  
The theme for this month was Hustle:
"Forget taking a spring break- spring into high gear through your lazy days this season!  Bold liner and lashes mean that even in your downtime you still look like a million bucks. Getting ready doesn't have to add stress- just prep your skin and gloss on because even if you're still working hard to get exactly where you want to be you're always the boss of your make up bag"- BB5
And now.... let's get into it!
Eslor Introductory Collection- Second Edition
Retail: $ 28.00 2 fl oz.
I remember getting Eslor in one of my first boxes and I really loved the mask.  The line is paraban free and it made my skin feel really smooth. I noticed that this collection is a second edition so I am not sure if it is the same one I received way back when or if I was about to try a new one.  But either way, I'm excited for more!     
Styli- Style Line & Seal Twist Mechanical Eye Liner
Retail: $4.99 .01 oz.
I've never heard of Styli- Style and I was surprised how smooth it went on.  The Raisin color works really well with my skin tone, especially my red hair.  It's a brownish/ red mixture that isn't overly dramatic, but still to stand out.  I was glad to see it wasn't another liquid liner.  I'm in need of some mattes for my waterline and this one is fab. 
I love trying new mascara!!!!  I couldn't wait to crack open Scandalous by NANACOCO. 

NANACOCO Scandalous Waterproof Mascara
retail: $4.99

The applicator head is ultra flexible which is supposed to make it easy to get those "hard to reach" spots.  This definitely adds a lot of length.  The formula is very light so it dries quickly (win!  I hate waiting for my lashes to dry).  I was able to get really close to my lash base with little effort, but even though I achieved a nice fan effect, I still didn't see any volume.  That aside, I still liked it.  And it'll be a great option for summer being that it's also waterproof. 
Laugh Out Loud by NANACOCO 
Retail: $ 3.99 .22 fl oz
I don't care what the magazines are saying these days, I will forever love a frosted lip.  "Call Me Babe" from Laugh Out Loud by NANACOCO is exactly what I would wear on a daily basis if I didn't have 1800 other lip colors begging me to wear them. It's a soft pinkish/ beige mixture that comes off completely natural looking a drop of shimmer.  It's lightweight, not too sticky, and has a sweet scent. #Perfection.   


Elite Therapeutics Rosemary Eucalyptus Body Cream
Retail: $19.00 8 fl oz.
Samples like these are always great to have because they're so convenient.  I plan to toss this little guy in my purse and actually look forward to those moments when I'm going to need it.  It contains rosemary and eucalyptus oils so its scent is very relaxing.  It isn't greasy so your hands feel smooth after it absorbs into your skin.  Plus, it's packaging is cute and festive for Spring~


Are you interested in Beautybox5?  You browse the subscription options here

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