Friday, March 20, 2015

New launch: London SOHO New York® Disney Princess Collection

 The new launch of the London SOHO New York® Disney Princess collection at Walgreens comes just in time for Easter!  It is a colorful collection of make up brushes and sponges that features the five classic Disney princesses: Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Aurora and Snow White.
The collection is designed to blend Disney’s enchanting style with London SOHO New York’s fun flair for FUNKtionality and makes for a perfect Easter basket goodie!
Belle Enchanted Eyes Brush Set 3-Piece
Retail: $12.99
The set includes:
Medium Fluff Brush – Short round shape creates depth and detail
Large Fluff Brush – Soft, fluffy bristles allow shadow to glide across eyelids with ease
Flat Angled Liner Brush– Angled shape creates flawless lines and can be used with powder, gel or cream line

As a Sleeping Beauty fan, there was no way I could pass up the Aurora Fairy Sponges 3-Piece Set, which is AMAZING.  I love it because each sponge between the three variations, there isn't any section or crevice of my face where I can't achieve coverage.  The various angles and curves of the sponges makes blending soo much easier and a lot less messy.     
Retail: $12.99

Pink Fairy Sponge – Pointed tip is perfect for under eyes and in corners.

Green Fairy Sponge – Wide base covers large areas such as the cheekbone, forehead and neck.  

Blue Fairy Sponge – Egg shaped dome gradually builds coverage where needed.
These are totally budget friendly and pretty decent quality.  A win for makeup and Disney lovers alike!  You can pick them up at:

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