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Review: Milani Fierce Foil Collection

Milani has officially launched their Spring 2015 line: The Fierce Foil Collection.  Runway inspired and named after some of Italy's most iconic cities, the Eye Shine collection includes quads: Milan, Rome, Florence & Venice.  Venice contains a royal blue, charcoal gray/silver, a soft white and a lovey turquoise.  Naturally, I was too entranced by all the pretty colors to pay attention to the details.  Had I done so, I wouldn't have been so confused when I saw the silicone applicator brush. 


It is important to establish these are not eye shadows, they are eye shines.  They are formulated with exclusive, multidimensional pearlescence, which means their texture is comparative to a gloss.  The first thing I noticed was the very wet feel.  They were a little slippery and I had a hard time picking up product with the applicator.  The applicator proved helpful in getting close to my lash line, but since the directions advised using your finger for blending anyway, I gave up and ditched it completely.  Once I got the hang of it, they applied smoothly and similar to a crème shadow.  The coverage was very sheer at first but the second coat made a lot of difference.  Something I want to note: The label cautions "a little goes a long way".  Beware as this is very true if the color heats up!    
Their effect is really beautiful.  The colors contain glitter but the particles are micro size so they aren't overly dramatic.  I don't usually do glitter but these worked for me because the coverage is buildable so I could control the intensity.  I'm still not sure the Venice palette (worn sheer or not) is suitable to rock at the office, but it's definitely an ideal choice to amp up your look for a night out. 
I saw some creasing by the end of the day, but that's probably because I forget to apply primer (I was too excited!).  My lids tend to be on the dry side as it is, so I would imagine this could definitely present an issue for those with oily lids.  Overall they had relatively decent staying power and I didn't experience any smudging.  They are an interesting concept and with some practice and experimenting they can be a lot of fun.  
Check out the other eye shines here!   

Also available is the Fierce Foil Nail Lacquer and they're perfect little sparklers!  Dubbed "high impact, trend driven shades" the collection includes colors: Milan, Rome, Florence, Venice, Capri and Sardinia.  They're packaged in chunky bottles and the brush is long and flat for easy control.   

Retail: $3.99

The first coat was too sheer, but after a second coat the color really popped.  The polishes contain glitter to create a metallic effect, but as you can see the particles are tiny.  Normally, I have to brace myself before removing the darker colors (especially with glitter) because they tend to stain my skin.  Without fail my cuticles and finger tips always end up matching the color on the cotton ball but surprisingly, Venice removed like a breeze!  No lingering color whatsoever.  And since the glitter fibers are so small, there is no removal issue there either.  A huge plus in my book.    

Retail: $3.99
Retail: $3.99
Capri was my favorite (I know, shocker) but not just because it is pink.  I loved the pink/ gold glitter contrast.  The gold flecks stood out nicely against the pink and added a cool dimension.  I definitely don't have any others like it. 
Like always, the prices make Milani products a flippin steal and the quality is still amazing.    
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Have you scored any products from the New Fierce Foil Collection?

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  1. Eye shines! Interesting! The colors are gorgeous in the pot and on your skin, especially the dark blue!


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