Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Review: Nuxe Body Paris Fondant Shower Gel

Welp its official.  My bottle of Nuxe Body's Fondant Shower Gel has started making those dying, wheezy sounds as I struggle to squeeze out its last remaining droplets :(  
Retail: $15.00
I ordered this wash on a whim after reading some pretty good reviews, and I can't say I was sorry.  In fact, I plain fell in love with it. 
After a little research I learned Nuxe Body is a French brand, once created by a research pharmacist fascinated by the power of plants.  Now run by his daughter, Aliza Jabes, she's adopted the philosophy Beauty by Nature and is the driving force behind bringing these luxurious Nuxe products to life. 
This wash contains a soap-free formulation and coconut plant-origin cleansing base that works to soothe skin.  It had a delicious coconut scent that filled my bathroom and instantly relaxed me.  Also made with almond and orange flower petals, it kept my skin from drying out, and was gentle enough to use daily.
Because of its luxe quality, the smallest amount lathered right up and spread like silk over my skin.  I'd definitely suggest this as a nice supplement in place of that spa treatment we all need once in a while, and never have the time or money to get.  Reasonably priced at $15.00, use it to pamper yourself for a few minutes everyday :)

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