Thursday, June 6, 2013

Review: Bio Logical Hand Cream

As a girl in her twenties I'm no stranger to the importance of skincare.  Women constantly fuss over the "wrinkles" or "fine lines" on their face or neck, but tend to neglect two precious miracles.. their hands.  To be blunt, all that time spent catering to your face can easily be undone by a pair of dry, roughed up looking set of mits. 
The fast few months I have been using Apricot to the Rescue Hand Cream by Bio Logical and I LOVE it.
First off, this cream smells absolutely delicious.  The apricot scent is sweet and crisp, but not overpowering.  It contains ultra hydrating elements like argan oil, shea butter, and aloe.  The light formula glides on silky smooth and absorbs pretty well.  I carry this with me everywhere.  Despite the fact that it adds a bit of weight to my purse, I believe it to be totally worth it.  Its packaging is a 1.69 fl oz glass pump bottle with plastic cap.  Made from recycled items, they're totally eco- friendly, just a little less travel friendly.  But when my hands felt even slightly dry or rough, after application they felt soothed almost immediately, giving them fast relief.  Another element I liked was its luxe quality.  It provides lasting effects, therefore requiring less applications and increasing its longevity.  I have been using it for several months and still have half the bottle left.  My hands are smooth, hydrated and no matter how I age, I vow to always keep a bottle of Bio-Logical near by!
Bio- Logical Cosmetiques is a Paris-based organic skincare line which brings a fresh perspective to the natural beauty category by providing effective, fun, and easy products to modern consumers looking to embrace more natural beauty routines. The brand fills a void in the natural/organic skincare category by offering affordable, French-manufactured, certified organic skincare solutions based on ancient botanically-derived remedies presented in trendy, high-quality eco-sensitive packaging. The cruelty-free product line is “Tested on Frenchies, not on Animals!” ™
Do you find you forget to moisturize your hands?  Would you try Bio- Logical hand cream?


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