Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Review: Foot Petals Tip Toe Collection

At a past Brand Meets Blogger beauty event here in NYC, I learned about a brand that even celebs like Katy Perry are raving, about called Foot Petals .  Founded by Tina Aldatz, a certified pedorthis, the line is dedicated to providing comfort to your feet using various pads and insoles to alleviate stress and discomfort.
 Retail: $6.95
I treated my own tootsies to some TLC with some complimentary samples I received from the brand's "Tip Toes" collection.  The pads are very smooth and offer a gentle cushion.  They're also discreet and easy to insert.  They come with an adhesive on the back, which you peel back, discard, and then simply place them inside your shoe where it hits the ball of your foot.  
I chose to try them inside a pair of heels that were about 2" high, which I ended up wearing for a couple of hours.  Considering some of the time was spent tromping through the streets of Manhattan, I was quite thankful to have had these.  The Foot Petals acted as a nice buffer and alleviated some stress off the balls of my feet.  As you can see the soles of these shoes are particularly thin so I was able to really feel a difference.  (It is important to be careful with wearing shoes like these too often.  They can cause the balls of your feet to flatten and lead to further issues.)  The adhesive held in place firmly and didn't give me any issues sliding around.
Overall I found them to be quite effective for the few hours I wore them.  I can't say they totally eliminated any discomfort, but certainly gave my poor feet temporary relief and proved to sufficient enough for my day to day wear.  Since they're held in place by an adhesive, I won't be removing them to reuse in other shoes.  But no worries!  They're reasonably priced at $6.95 which makes it easy to invest in a few pairs. 
I was also given the specialty Tip Toes for Flip Flops which are great for summer because you can slip them into any sandal, or save them for those strappy stilettos you plan on wearing on Friday night for dinner and dancing! But these are just a few from the wide range of insoles Foot Petals carries in countless shapes and sizes.  Click here to see more!
Have you tried Foot Petals? Which style insole has proved most effective for you?

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