Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Review: CleanWell All- Natural Hand Sanitizer

                        Retail: $3.99

Pretty much every girl I know carries a hand sanitizer in her purse these days.  Some are addicted to their sweet smelling anti bacterial lotions, and some prefer the old reliable Purell gel.  Bottom line is, you need to have one.   (I won't even speak of the heinous things I come in contact with after a messily 10 minutes on the subway.  It's beyond gross.)     

I've been using CleanWell All- Natural Hand Sanitizer for a few weeks and really like it.  One issue you'll always run into with many sanitizers is that they dry you out.  They're made with alcohol and simply aren't gentle enough to use on the daily.  CleanWell is alcohol free, contains a patented formulation of natural thyme to kill germs, and is infused with natural skin conditioners like aloe which make it safe and soothing for your skin.  

This particular sanitizer is in a convenient travel size spray bottle, which meant it fit snugly in my purse.  I especially liked the spray aspect of it because it let me target certain areas besides my hands. (Like if someone on the subway coughs just a little too close to your elbow-- SO GROSS).

It didn't dry out my hands and I used it pretty frequently.  I've been busy shuffling some things around at home and have managed to acquire a few cuts and scrapes, and the spray didn't irritate or burn them.  Even when applied directly on them.  It's a very gentle formula, that dries quickly without leaving behind any greasiness on your hands.  It has a very light citrus herb scent that I thought was very subtle and fresh.  Its a great item to pick up and have around for everyday use.  

It is reasonably priced at only $3.99, and holds 225+ sprays.  Also available from CleanWell are: 

Foaming Hand Sanitizer for $6.99 and Hand Sanitizing Wipes for $3.99

Have you tried CleanWell?  What is your hand sanitizer of choice?

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