Monday, July 1, 2013

Review: vbeaute Lip Spread Anti-Aging Tinting Lip Gloss

Retail: $19.00
I have tons of lip glosses stashed away, but I've dropped vbeaute Lip Spread Anti-Aging Tinting Lip Gloss straight into my purse as I know I'll constantly be reaching for it in the coming months.  Just cut to the chase-- I love this gloss!    
It is formulated with self adjusting vBotanicals that reacts with your lips' chemistry to create your own personal after glow.  The formula boasts Cherry and Pomegranate Fruit Extracts to keep your lips feeling soothed and hydrated, while BioCellular Peptide works to correct and prevent environment damage.   

I am a huge fan of this gloss, not just for summer, but for any occasion and any season.  The best part about it is that the colour is customized to fit your look.  I've tried self adjusting glosses in the past, but I can say this is the first time the colour actually looked natural.  On me, it created a beautiful, deep rosy pink that stood out against my light skin and made me look healthy.  My lips looked full and totally pouty due to the ultra high sheen, but it wasn't overkill.  Even though the formula went on a little thick, it still felt lightweight.  I only needed a small amount for application and it didn't smudge, run, or feel sticky.  Its long lasting too because after the sheen wears off, you still have a lovely stain to your lips that lasts for hours.  I would definitely recommend it as a product to try for summer.. have I mentioned lately that I love this gloss?? 
Have you tried vbeaute?  Have you tried any self adjusting glosses that created a colour you truly liked?   


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  1. It seems to really do the anti-aging job well, your lips look really youthful (?) and there don't seem to be any lines or wrinkles. Does it taste like cherry and pomegranate?

    Belle Epoque

  2. Thank you! Yes, it's a great gloss and is sincerely one of my newest favs. I'm in my twenties so I can't say I've seen any signs of aging just yet, but its nice to know I have a lip gloss that can at least help prolong them. xoxo


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