Sunday, July 21, 2013

Princess Vera Wang Embroidered Shortie Shorts

Retail: $16.99
Hello dolls, I know I don't usually post on the weekends, but I had a little extra time and wanted to start raving about my latest buy from Kohl's: Princess Vera Wang Embroidered Shortie Shorts.  
I love these shorts so much!  I happened to be browsing the Juniors section and came across the new Princess Vera Wang Born to Rule Collection.  The racks were actually kind of bare as much of the merchandise looked like it was selling out, so I snagged a pair of these sexy shorts (actually on sale for $7.00!) and headed off to the dressing room.  
They're made of 100% rayon and nice for summer.  The material is super light an airy, not to mention soft and very comfortable to sleep in.  
 Their delicately embroidered edges add a touch of style and make for a stylish ensemble to lounge around in and wear around the house.  Just add a sleek black tank and voila! Instant cuteness. They do wrinkle easily, but ultimately they wear nicely.   
They also come in black with white embroidery, but I was partial to the warm beige on the olive green.  If you like stylish comfort, I would suggest picking up a pair, but hurry because they're going fast! 
Have you been to Kohl's lately?  Have you check out the new Princess Vera Wang collection??

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