Monday, July 15, 2013

Review: Sultra The Seductress Curl, Wave & Straight One- Inch Iron

Never has there been a hotter iron then Sultra's The Seductress .   She cast her spell, it was game over for this girl!  This sleek black wand of magic zaps outta control locks into pin straight chic, curvy bombshell waves, and sexy tendrils of curls. The crazy thing about this iron was that there isn't anything not to like about it.  

It comes with 1 inch plates that worked very well to straighten my insanely thick, ringlet style curls.  It has three temperature settings to chose from, depending on your hair type.  There is "fine" (370 degrees) "normal" (385 degrees) and "thick" (395 degrees).  I placed it on "thick" (of course), and it beeped to signal its start up, and in less then 30 seconds it beeped again to let me know it was fired up and ready to go! 
This iron is really spectacular because it provides your hair with actual benefits.  It was designed for hair (like mine) that is dry, damaged and/or color treated and uses Japanese Kyocera ceramic technology to heal the cuticle while ironing.  Using it was an absolute breeze.  It was lightweight and easy to handle, particularly when curling because the body is coated with a special resilient high-gloss coating to prevent drag.  After using it my hair was super soft and shiny.  Another thing I liked was that it glided nicely over my hair without getting caught.  When I used to use my CHI, the edges of the plates would constantly get caught on strands of hair and end up ripping them out of my head.  Its outside edges are rounded (to help create the curls) and with them I was able to create a nice flip at my ends that looked natural and flowing.
The Seductress retails for about $210.00, which some may say is pricey, but if you iron your hair often and like to have styling options, this is a really worthy investment.  It also comes with a 2 year warranty (like all Sultra Irons) and can be relied on to perform what it advertises.  Its a quality iron that is great for all hair types. 

Sultra tutorials for creating curls and waves can be found  here and here

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