Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Modella 2013 Collection

 Packing has never been my forte, nor is the annual cleaning and sorting of my countless piles of cosmetics.. but throw a few hot pink blossoms against some eye catching black and white zebra striped bags, and this girl's mood perks up!  Modella's 2013 collection of cosmetic bags introduces a series of super fun and flirty new designs.  PR was kind enough to send me a set to review and it is straight up adorable! 

I received the 4 piece set from Modella's Zebra Blossom collection, and I have already filled those babies to the brim!  This set is great for storing all of your cosmetics, but its also an ideal set for traveling. 

This is one of my favorites and I have already utilized it several times.  It is the perfect size to hold your toiletries like a toothbrush, toothpaste, razor and deodorant. 

This soft pouch is great for storing your eye and lip liners, or can be good for holding your keys, cell or a small bottle of sunscreen at the beach!
This piece is very trendy, not to mention spacious.  It is visually appealing so it looks cute while sitting on your vanity.  It can hold everything from eye shadows, to blushers and bronzers or (what I've used it for) an endless supply of lipsticks and lip glosses! 

Ultimately each piece fits snugly into a clear, larger bag.  Made easy to carry with two black handles, it retails for a very affordable $13.97. I liked this because you have the option to utilize the larger bag on its own, or use it to hold all the others together to keep them from being separated if packed in a suitcase. Available at Walmart and Walgreens, grab something from this collection, or check out the others: Pretty In paisley, Floral Diaries, and Spots & Dots lower Hour and Wild the Cat's Away.   
Do you have any Modella cosmetic storage cases?  What collection is your favorite? 


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  1. I'm trying to find a cosmetic bag for my makeup now. I have a small collection and looking to expand as I get more into makeup.
    I love this collection your previewing. I'll try and find it on amazon.

    Please follow my blog too.

    1. Thanks so much for checking out my blog! Glad you liked the review, Modella is a really fun brand. Heading over to check out your site now :)


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