Thursday, August 1, 2013

Review: Brocato VibraStrait Oscillating Iron

Like any other curly haired gal, I've been taking advantage of these last humidity free, cooler days we've been having in order to rock the straight, sleek look.  I was fortunate enough to experience Brocato's  VibraStrait , my first ever oscillating iron.  I won't even try to be clever with my words- I LOVE this iron. 
For many years I would wake up at the crack of dawn everyday just so I could have enough time to iron out my impossible curls and get ready for my day.  I'm incredibly partial to that glossy, chic finish and often had to sacrifice sleep and time trying to wrangle them in. That being said, I've officially dubbed the VibraStrait a miracle. 
It comes in sizes 1/2", 1" & 1 3/4" with features: 
- Tourmaline Ceramic Plates Oscillate
- 7500 per minute
- Unique combination of heat and vibration allows hair to glide easily
- Decreases Flat Iron time by 30%
- No Tugging or pulling 
- Creates frizz free lustrous shine
- Integrated Super Sensor Technology
- Rapid Heat Up & Recovery - 8 Seconds!
- Variable Temperature Settings
- Digital Display
- 190-450 degrees
- Turn Vibration on or off
- Automatic Safety Shut off - 50 Minutes
- Ergonomic Design
- Swivel Cord 
As far as I'm concerned this iron delivers on all counts.  I watched as it tamed my ultra thick, curly mane in 25 minutes FLAT.  The heat up is super quick, I'd say 30 seconds or so depending which temperature you select, and has a digital display to watch the temperature climb.  (Temp ranges from 190 degrees to 450).
The process was easy, and I didn't experience any creasing or pulling.  My hair felt silky and soft when I was done, and it looked healthier.  What I liked about this iron was not only that it got the job done in record time (I've literally never straightened my hair so fast) but it felt safe to operate.  Many times I end up burning my finger tips after I close the iron on a section of hair, because I like to help guide the iron.  This always results in me getting both burned and annoyed.  But this iron actually has a raised spot that stays cool, where you can safely place your fingers. 
The vibrations were something new to me, and I credit them with the iron's lightening speed.  You have the option to operate without them, but if you're straightening, I highly suggest utilizing them.  They help distribute the heat evenly and ultimately minimize the amount of times you have to go over each section of hair.  This not only decreases the amount of heat being applied to your hair but helps pick up the pace. Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with its ability to improve the appearance of my hair's texture, as well as its incredible speed.  This is definitely the iron you want if you are tired of constantly having to set aside time to flat iron your hair, and still be able to maintain its soft, healthy texture.  
 It may seem a little pricey at $199.99, but don't forget it is a multifunctional iron that also creates curls and waves.  (I just prefer my straight locks :)  It is certainly worth investing in, and I am beyond psyched for those cooler months when I can use it everyday!! 
Have you ever tried an oscillating iron before? What were your thoughts?

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  1. I haven`t heared of this brand. Thanks for the info!! I have the Karmin g3 and I love that it has ceramic and tourmaline plates too and that makes my hair so shiny.


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