Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Review: SOLYVIA Cosmetics

I was contacted by BerjangUSA to try a complimentary sample of their latest line of skincare: SOLYVIA Cosmetics.  The line has been inspired by the traditions of the Mediterranean island of Corsica.  They draw on the same native plants that have healed and soothed women's skin for centuries.   
The SOLYVIA Cosmetics Beauty Box includes:
1.) Santa Guila (a face serum) Apply AM/PM on face and neck before moisturizer.
2.) Girolata (an eye contour) Apply AM/PM to eye area with applicator and pat until fully absorbed.
3.)  Scandola (elixir oil) Apply PM on cleansed skin (avoiding eye area) either alone or as a night treatment.
The three are a patented range of Organic Anti-Aging skin care that contains the evolutionary ingredient, HMC3.  It is a combination of five rare plants with extraordinary skin benefits:
Immortelle: Traditionally known for healing, anti-aging, and regenerating. Also increases the production of collagen.
Myrtle Used as a stimulant, astringent, plus a natural tonic for dull and tired skin. The result is skin stimulation and a beautiful, natural glow.
Wild Carrot: A powerful skin cell regenerator. Promotes renewal and growth of skin cells.
Landanifere Cistus: Contains natural anti-wrinkle properties due to its astringent effect. Tightens and tones tired skin.
Sea Fennel: An antioxidant. Firms and promotes skin cell regeneration while combating the signs of aging.
Before I discuss their results, I MUST rave about their packaging.  They come in three slim tubes that fit snugly into a larger tube, making it a major space saver.  They're ideal for traveling and can slip easily into your purse for on the go use. 
They have a unique application system where you apply the product directly to you skin using the metal roller ball at the tip of each tube.  This is good for several reasons: 1.) better sanitation 2.) helps increase microcirculation and 3.) allows for the correct amount of product distribution and ensures it will penetrate the skin for more efficient results.
That said, amazing results were inevitable.  Each application felt like a cool, soothing massage.  Being that it is summer, storing them somewhere cool (like the fridge) will feel super refreshing.    
I applied both morning and evening and it only took a few weeks to see improvement.  My skin began to look healthier and revitalized.  I was able to see how hydrated areas of my face had become.  For instance, I no longer had dry patches around the tip of my nose or outside corners of my eyes.   At first I was concerned that I might experience a break out, but I never did.  Because the texture was so light, it absorbed quickly so there was no lingering greasy feeling. I couldn't quite put my finger on its scent, but to me it was similar to black licorice.  It wasn't my favorite but it didn't bother me because it faded quickly.
Overall I think the kit is amazing and wish I could have been using it all summer.  We know that excessive sun exposure and heat will take a toll on our skin and its important to treat it with products that can bring it back to life.  Even if used separately, they will rejuvenate skin and help shake off that tired look to ultimately restore its natural glow.
  • Santa Giulia Face Serum Retail $30.00
  • Scandola Elixir Oil Retail $34.00
  • Girolata Eye Contour Retail $32.00
  • Beauty Box Trio Retail $80.00
    Note: SOLYVIA products derive from natural origin; biological farming and are certified organic by ECOCERT
    Have you had any skin issues this summer?  Are you interested in trying SOLYVIA?

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