Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Review: MAKE Solstice Bronzer

Summer is slowly fading and so are those golden tans!  MAKE debuts its brand new Solstice Bronzers available on WeSeeBeauty.com that will prove fabulous items to touch up your summer glow.
It comes in shades: Warm 1, Warm 2 and Warm 3.  PR kindly sent me a sample of Warm 3 to work with, and I found it to be one of my favorites this season.  Warm 3 is actually designed for those with deeper complexions and while mine is very light, but I was still pleased with the looks I was able to create.  

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Retail: $22.50
The great thing about these bronzers is that they are a multi tone mosaic mix of four colours that are designed to enhance the beauty of your natural skin tones.  While I had to use mine sparingly because it was a bit too dark, I was really happy to see how deeply pigmented it was.  Even though I applied it lightly, the colour pay off was evident and very beautiful.   
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The colours were easy to blend and had reliable staying power.  Over the course of the day the colour remained visible and didn't smudge off.  Overall, I love this compact.  I like that you can adjust your choice of depth and intensity, keeping your look balanced and natural looking.  The mixture of pinks and gold help you create warm glow, or you can deepen it with the rich mauve and chocolate browns. It is the perfect element to maintain that sexy summer glow!
Please note: As always, 33% of all MAKE Cosmetics sales go directly to the We See Beauty Foundation, a non profit that is working to help establish and support women-led cooperative businesses in the U.S.
Have you tried MAKE products before?  What has been your go-to bronzer this summer?

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