Thursday, August 22, 2013

Holiday Gift Idea: Perfume Guns from Frédéric Malle

Largely popular fragrance genius, Frédéric Malle has been working on expanding his brand of delicious fragrances to include home collections. 
I recently learned that next month he is launching three brand new scents to  add to his line of Perfume Guns: Un Gardénia la Nuit ($185), Chez Monsieur ($145), and Marius & Jeannette ($145).  Originally designed to apply Frédéric Malle fragrances throughout hotels and other vastly luxurious spaces, it turned out that Malle loved them so much he began using them in his own home.
A scent conscious individual will find this to be pure heaven, and it could be a fabulous gift idea for the holidays.  This is ideal for the person on your list who likes nothing more than indulging in sensual, opulent aromas. 
Un Gardénia la Nuit is a hyper-realistic rendition of the enchanting scent of natural Gardenias: vegetal, fruity, and milky. Chez Monsieur is a masculine, take-charge scent of a den that infuses its environment with a healthy injection of woody testosterone. Marius & Jeannette is a trip around the world, the smell of the invigorating Mediterranean Sea and an evocation of mint and anise.
Whether it be for your parent's house or even your boyfriend's apartment, there is a variety of scents to chose from and you can check out the rest here!
Available at:
Editions de Parfums in NYC
Barneys New York and
Have you ever tried a Frédéric Malle perfume gun?  If so which one and what did you think?  Would love to hear :)

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