Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Press Release: Custom Nail Solutions

Nail customization is one of today’s hottest trends. Lovely ladies everywhere are customizing their nails with funky polishes and dazzling nail art to make a statement. There are endless options for nail customization and the innovative Custom Nail Solutions has taken this trend and form of self-expression to a whole new level!

"The Today Show" just featured Custom Nail Solutions as one of the latest must-haves for nails, and it is easy to see why! They are customized to fit only your nail beds, so they are unique to you. You can also choose your own specific length, smile line and shape, depending on the occasion.

Imagine…you have the flexibility to easily swap out your nails for a sport activity during the day and a cocktail party in the evening! Also, these natural-looking nails look salon-manicured, and work great with all nail polishes and art.

 Custom Nail Solutions are safe and non-toxic, and don’t expose you to harmful fumes and hazardous chemicals like acrylics and gel nails do. They also do not require any filling or drilling to the natural nails. They are thinner, stronger, reusable and virtually indestructible. Because they are everlasting, you will save thousands of dollars by not having to make expensive and inconvenient nail appointments.

Finally, the process is easy! Order your impression kit from, schedule a professional manicure the day you do your impressions, follow the kit’s easy DVD and booklet, and send your impressions to Custom Nail Solutions headquarters. You will receive your custom-fit nails and your Application and Removal kit within one week. When your shipment arrives, use the convenient Custom Nail Solutions stand to apply polish/nail art to the nails, which can be removed with nail polish remover without staining the nails. The final step is to apply, enjoy and admire the transformation. If you need to re-apply your nails after 2-3 weeks, use the kit’s quick and easy Soak Off Process.

The Impression System & One Set of Custom-Fit Nails retails for $139.95, and comes with 10 finger trays, 2 spoons, 1 yellow impression material, 1 white impressions material, instruction sheet, maintenance system, and your beautiful Custom Nails. Orders can be placed online at or by calling toll free at 877-218-778.

Custom Nail Solutions gives you beautiful, natural-looking nails that are custom-made just for you. You can have lovely salon-looking nails on your own schedule and in the comfort of your own home.
Has anyone tried Custom Nail Solutions?  This makes for a great holiday gift idea for your fellow nail addicts and nail art lovers alike!!

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