Thursday, November 28, 2013

Eve Pearl Sale Starts NOW!

Eve Pearl

Black Pearl Promo of 40-65% off  EVE PEARL® products.
The Black Pearl Promo is on...NOW!!
Ends Monday 12/2/13 @ 11:59pm EST - NYC Time.


To all you beauties out there who decide to purchase, might I be inclined to ask one teeny tiny favor? :) … I would be ever so gracious to you if you could kindly add my blog's name PlushPinkAllure to the "comments"
section of your EVE PEARL Black Pearl promo order :D 

The top 3 names with the most mentions will receive over $650 worth
of EVE PEARL® products to keep or give away.  And because I love you all so much, I would be happy to split the winnings in a fabulous giveaway!! 

Winners (and possibly 1 of you lucky folk)  will enjoy:

So hurry, hurry! Start shopping because the sale starts NOW!!!

As always, the EVE PEARL® Team will be on hand to answer questions
via email at and by phone,
as well interacting with their fans and friends on Facebook,
Twitter: @EvePearl & Instagram: Eve Pearl 
They can also contact an EP Team member at 212.223.2229
or 866.335.1550 during regular business hours
Monday-Friday from 10am to 7pm Eastern time.
For color matching send photos to:

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