Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide Part II

The key to being beautiful and healthy doesn't necessarily come from the creams or makeup we apply.  Like everything else, true beauty starts from the within and staying hydrated is always number one.
And I can't think of a more stylish way to do then with one of Rive's ultra glam glass water bottles.  Making its debut at this past NYFW, Rive water bottles are composed of glass to offer sustainability for eco-conscious consumers.  They come in sleek, bold colors and fashion inspired graphics fused with functionality showcased in three unique styles:
The Elan ($15.00)
Lynx ($18.00)
These can serve as the ideal gift or stocking stuffer for a range or people on your list this year.  Whether its someone who hits the gym regularly or prefers eco-friendly products or that friend who take pride in every opportunity to be as trendy as possible!  
This was gifted to me During the GBK Celebrity Style Lounge during NYFW and I just love this one!  The design was a collaboration between Patricia Field and Rive and it produced an energetic, vibrantly colored urban print in honor of New York City. 
Even though it's glass, it didn't weigh too heavy when I carried it around and its quite easy to clean.  The rubber stopper on the bottom helped to absorb any shock and kept it from sliding around on my desk.  The mouthpiece unscrews and has a flip top that opens and closes for drinking.  Its an innovative twist on the generic, boring water bottles on the market today.
Fashion meets utility for one of the first times with one of my favorite stocking stuff ideas this season-- Pilot Pens! You can never have enough of these fabulous pens because not only are they practical but they have an amazing high quality performance.  They write with sleek fluidity and each collection highlights a different function that makes jotting down quick notes even quicker! 
Collections to try:
And more here!
These pens are especially great for those lefties out there.  Many left handers experience those nasty ink smudges on their hand while trying to write but these are pretty good for no smudges.  The ink stays put on the page :)  Many of them also come with erasers and my personal favorite part of them is that they don't shed!  Eraser hairs always get so annoying but these manage to make both mistakes and the lose eraser bits disappear. 
Have you started your holiday shopping?  Do these fit anyone on your list this year?

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