Monday, November 18, 2013

Beauty Box 5: November

I was incredibly flattered when Beauty Box 5 invited me to be a part of their official blogger review team.  Beauty Box 5 is monthly subscription that delivers 5 select beauty samples straight to your doorstep.  It offers a choice of subscription options including: $12.00/month, $30.00/quarterly or $99.00/ yr. 
The theme for this month's box was the ultimate must haves needed to "prep, primp and sparkle".  Everything necessary to get you fully equipped for whatever a night out may bring!
Retail: $7.99
First up, a full size 1.6 oz sample of Secret's Clinical Strength Invisible Solid antiperspirant deodorant.  When it comes to deodorant I always go for the same one (Dove's prescription) but this had me pleasantly surprised.  The box states it is clinically proven to provide prescription strength wetness protection but seeing is believing right?  For me, this turned out to be totally adequate.  It had a sweet, cool scent that was very fresh.  It did indeed roll on invisible, and didn't form any of those icky white clumps like many deodorants out there do.  The formula was light and absorbed nicely.  However, the not so good news?  It didn't totally pass the smudge test.  Even though it glides on clear, it still managed to leave behind a bit of white residue on my black shirt.  But smudges aside, its quite effective if you're looking to evade the sweat monster.  I never felt one trace of wetness throughout the entire day and am considering purchasing it in the future.     

Retail: $2.49
Ironically the Montagne Jeunesse Glacial Cooling Face Mask was the most inexpensive item in the box but turned out to be one of my favs.  Application is fast and simple.  Just remove the cloth mask from the bag, and apply it over your cleansed skin.  This was an interesting experience for me because it was my first clay mask ever.  I was surprised when I unfolded it to see it have all the cut outs for your eyes etc.  I can't say I wasn't nervous, and may have briefly resembled Hannibal Lector, but end result?  I LOVE this mask, better then any I've tried from a tube.  I fully intend to try another.  The cloth was a smidgen too big for me and since its quite moist when you open it, I didn't bother trying to cut it down.  I just folded the edges around my hairline and let it sit for about 18 minutes (recommended is 10-15) but it felt so cool and refreshing that I wanted to soak up as much as I could.  It is made with real clay, arctic cloudberry and red grape to help cleanse pores and enhance skins natural barriers.  Once I rinsed off the bits of dried clay, my skin felt soft and rejuvenated.
Retail: $6.99
I'm already a fan of Aveeno products so I was happy to try the 2 oz bottle of Positively Nourishing Calming Body Wash in Lavender Chamomile and Ylang-Ylang.  The lavender scent is a sure fire way to relax at the end of a long day, and after cleansing my skin was soft and refreshed!
Retail: $4.99
We all know my obsession with chap sticks and lip balms.  So I tried hard not to pre-judge Body Drench's Lip Drench.. the verdict?
Satisfactory.  It made it into the emergency stash but I can't say I was impressed. Its consistency didn't have the rich or silky texture that I look for in these products.  It had more of a grainy texture, and even though it kept my lips moist, they never felt soothed.  It went on clear but I did notice a bit of white residue along the edges of my lips which made me realize it never fully absorbed.  It's good for a quick fix on a dry day, but I wouldn't expect it to do much in the dead of winter when your lips start cracking.  I realize this isn't actual chap stick, but I'd still expect that as a moisturizer, it should be a little stronger.  
Retail: $14.99
Now, for my favorite item in the box:  The bellapierre Shimmer Powder in Storm.  Its a gorgeous silver colour that had virtually NO fallout.  *Muah* This is the first bellapierre product I've tried and was quite impressed.  I applied a minimal amount of primer and it grabbed on ridiculously well.  Its staying power was amazing and it hadn't smudged or faded even a little by the end of the day.  Even though shimmers aren't necessarily my preference because I find it difficult to achieve even coverage and I just end up looking sloppy and too painted.  But I have to say this shimmer won me over.  It was easy to apply and I was able to build the intensity to my liking.  The colour is especially fabulous so I can sparkle for the upcoming holiday season :D 

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