Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Press Release: Colorado Aromatics Releases Seasonal Pumpkin Soap

 Retail: $5.50
Colorado Aromatics Cultivated Skin Care is a unique skin care line that utilizes the power of herbs and science to create Eco-Friendly and Functional products. All of their products contain herbs grown right on their Colorado Farm. Herbs are important for the skin to combat inflammation and oxidation that promote wrinkles and age related issues. The products are formulated by Dr. Cindy Jones, a biochemist and herbalist.

 Their pumpkin soap is specially formulated using pumpkins grown on the farm. The orange color is an indication of how much vitamin A is in the soap. With a combination of just enough clove and cinnamon essential oils,  each is created with that delish pumpkin pie aroma. Perfect for bath and shower, and yes, even for the face!  The soaps are all made from vegetable oils, no tallow and most of the oils are organic. 
You can check them out here 

 Colorado Aromatics also offers a full range of face care, body care and bath/shower products. You can learn more about these products at here.
These are perfect stocking stuffer ideas, or just someone who loves the true scent and feel of fall.  What better way to celebrate the season? :)


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