Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Review: vbeaute Eye Never® - Anti Aging Eye Cream

As a girl who's still in her twenties (and hanging on for dear life) I don't take for granted that I am fortunate enough not to see any fine lines or wrinkles just yet.  But sadly, I haven't been so lucky as to avoid the slight but still visible raccoon circles and dull skin around my eyes.    
Retail: $18.00
I started using vbeaute's Eye Never® Nourishing Repair Eye Crème and it was one of those products that makes you wonder why haven't I been using this all along?  It is clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in 30 days and while I couldn't really attest to that, I absolutely can state that I saw improvement in my under eyes in less then a week.  The dark circles had definitely diminished and most importantly, they became significantly hydrated.  Sometimes the outside corners get dry and a little flakey, but this helped rid my skin of the patchy areas. 
I was at an event where the makeup artist working on me had commented on them "aging".  (I'll just confirm your suspicion that I walked away annoyed and leave it at that).  But it made me realize I needed something really effective, and the Nourishing Repair Crème did a great job of restoring that youthful, healthy look.  Instead of appearing dull and tired, my skin looked brighter and less worn out.
One aspect I liked a lot was that it fully absorbed after patting it into my skin.  I've used so many eye creams that tend to sit on the surface and end up half dry and just sort of flake off and never really take effect.  It comes in a .27 fl oz squeeze tube, which should last at least a month.  I've been applying it twice a day for over a month now and still have a some left.  Overall, its a great remedy for aging or tired eyes and I plan to replace it once I run out.
- Paraben free, Gluten free, Fragrance free, Nut & Oat free
- Swiss Alpine Rose Botanical Technology. Made in Switzerland
- Dermatologist Tested. Not tested on animals
Are you in need of a reliable eye cream?  Do you think you will try vbeaute?

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