Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Review: Tibolli Hair Care

No matter the season, my hair is constantly thirsty for moisture, and with the winter months coming it only craves it more.  So I was pretty excited when I came across Tibolli hair care and even more psyched when I received a few samples. 
All Tibolli products contain their secret ingredient: Trioxxy  which I was happy to learn is supposed to protect and repair hair.  It is a synergy of keratin proteins which revamps hair from within. Found only in Tibolli products worldwide, it uses HDS (Hydra Delivery System) technology to smooth and enhance hair texture. This delivery system allows each hair strand to be coated and sealed to lock in moisture and nourishment. Trioxxy's powerful proteins penetrate each hair strand, repairing damage and improving texture. This provides a strong protective shield to guard hair against future environmental and styling damage.
The Moisture Lust was the first product I tried and fell instantly in love with it.  It has a faint scent that is very sweet, but not overpowering.  You can apply it to wet or dry hair and I found it effective both ways.  I liked applying it after a shower because it acts as a great detangler and I've found that my wet hair holds the scent a little better.  After it dries my hair always feels soft and easier to brush out.  There was a period where I flat was flat ironing my hair pretty regularly and during those instances, I don't wash it as often because it takes so much work to restraighten.  I would spray this over it before bed and by morning I could see how it had revived my hair and kept it from looking dull.  I could also spray it one before running over it with the flat iron and it manages to keep the moisture locked in.  Its a strong moisture source and solid leave in treatment that doesn't weigh down your hair.  Its a simple, and even time efficient way to keep your hair hydrated. 
Next I tried the Tibolli Desired Hair Oil which turned out to have a lightweight formula but can quickly get heavy if you use too much.  I have long, super thick curls and a pea size amount turned out to be too much.  I preferred applying it to my freshly straightened locks and found it perfect for smoothing the fly aways.  I mixed it with a little hairspray in my hand and it held all the strays in place.  I liked the scent of this too (also sweet) and thought between the two products together, my hair felt silky with a salon like shine and bounce to it.
Have you tried Tibolli products?  What was your experience like?
I have to apologize beacuase I could not seem to find their price points but I am working on it and will post them asap!

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