Thursday, October 17, 2013

Aubrey Organics

You may recall a review I did a few month backs on a skincare brand called Aubrey Organics.  They are literally one of the most amazing skincare brands out there and with the harsh winter months about to take a toll on our skin, I wanted to shine the spotlight on them once again. 

Aubrey Organics is the pioneer in natural skincare products.  Their products were the first ever to be totally 100% natural and this year they've completely reinvented themselves. They're sporting a fresh new look, new star ingredients, and an even bigger array of natural products to choose from.  But best of all, they still have the same great philosophies and stellar results.
The newly reformulated product lines bring a delicate balance of nature and science to your daily skin care. Many of the new feature ingredients are backed by clinical trials: rye seed extract to reduce the look of wrinkles; golden seaweed to firm skin; beet root extract to boost moisture, and many more. These uniquely elegant formulas combine the latest technologies with nature's most precious ingredients. Lines include a Sparkling Glacier Water Complexion Mist, Revitalizing Gel Mask, Age Defying Cleanser, Calming Wipes, Clarifying Clear Skin Complex, and an Everyday Basics Moisturizer.  I love this line because they're extremely affordable and each retail for under $25.  You can find them at Whole Foods and on  

You can read my review on my must have products from the line here.
Retail: $6.95
These I have yet to try, but they sound so yummy!  Made from pure, essential oils and nothing artificial, the soft, natural fragrances promise to carry you away to whichever mood you might be in, or looking to be in. From Berry Berry to Tangelo Twist, the Aubrey Body Spritzers come in full size and travel size so you can take them with you on the go. 
Available at: Whole Foods and
Retail: $15.95
Aubrey has also taken to providing sun protection with their new Mineral SPFs. Adding to their already successful EWG approved sunscreen family, Aubrey added an Unscented SPF 45 and an SPF 30 Spray for quick family applications. All are UVA/UVB protection certified. 
Available at: Natural Retailers or 

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