Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Review: Prime Time Smile Active Blue Teeth Whitening Kit

I'm pretty fanatical about my teeth.  It may sound crazy, but I actually don't mind going to the dentist.  The reason being is most likely because I've never had any problems with them.  But that doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement.  Personally, I've always thought they could be whiter, and have tried many teeth whiteners in my day.  Some have been pretty successful while others.. not so much.  Luckily Prime Time Smile Active Blue Teeth Whitening Kit is definitely in the successful group, and one I would highly recommend.  
I'm a huge fan of this kit because it's convenient, easy to use and best of all, its usage is designed to be at your desired frequency.  It includes two teeth whitening gel pens and one active blue whitening light.  The steps are simple:
1.) Twist the bottom of one pen until the gel reaches the top of the brush.
2.) Simply brush the gel over the top surface of your teeth.
3.) Press the bottom on the front of the blue light device, and place inside your mouth.  The blue light helps to accelerate the results of the whitening gel and helps optimize results.
4.) Leave in place for up to 10 minutes and repeat the process again. 
I actually saw results on the first day.  They didn't necessarily look whiter yet, but they were noticeably shinier.  The blue light is designed to feel super lightweight and is easy to handle.  I was able to keep it in place while folding laundry, reading, and even standing at the sink doing dishes.  The gel was amazing.  Teeth whiteners can often be painful for me but not this one.  I want to emphasize that I felt no sensitivity whatsoever.  Since my teeth are more dull looking, rather then discolored, I usually left the light in for only 8 minutes or so, and then repeated, or if I was feeling lazy, I left it in the full 10 minutes with repeating. Because it was so affective, I found I was able to decrease the amounts of weekly usage rather quickly, going from 3-4 times a week to 2-3.  I really love this kit and feel like the light really makes a difference in the results. 
Another good thing about it is, the mouthpiece is detachable.  This makes cleaning fast and simple, and also allows you to share it with a spouse or family member, given that it comes with an extra gel pen. 
It retails for $46.00 and is available at Walmart.com , Ulta, Drugstore.com and Duane Reade.  For a dentist inspired device, I honestly felt like it left me with professional style results for a relatively affordable price.  With the holidays around the corner, it could also serve as a great gift for the health conscious and beauty lover on your list this season! 
Do you know anyone looking to brighten their smile this season?  Will you consider Prime Time Smile?

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