Monday, October 28, 2013

Review: the Aloe Source

At a recent Beauty Press event I came across a brand called the Aloe Source.  The name alone just screams "try me!".  As someone with fair, very sensitive skin, the line sounded almost too good to be true. 
The Aloe Source has an exclusive partnership with a farm that harvests organically-grown aloe without using herbicides and pesticides, utilizing a patented process to maintain the stability and effectiveness of the aloe plant. This patented process also removes aloin and aloe emodin, which are known toxins that the plant produces to defend itself in nature.
I went home with samples from the face care line including the Jojoba Radiance Cleansing Polish, Vitamin C Antioxidant Crème, and the Luminosity Masque.  These products combine stabilized aloe vera with other effective ingredients, such as peptides, vitamin C and plant stem cells, and are designed to treat a variety of skin concerns for all skin types.
I just have to say that I think this is the skincare line my skin has been waiting for.  I've been using it for well over a month now and have seen my complexion start to positively glow.  I've mentioned in the past that I'm usually on the tired side and it shows in my skin. But fortunately the Aloe Source has helped improve not just the overall coloring, but its texture is much softer, visibly hydrated and healthy looking. 
Retail: $30.00
The Jojoba Radiance Cleansing Polish has a light, sweet scent and an amazing lather.  You can use a dime size amount and still have suds left over.  It contains super small jojoba microbeads for a nice, gentle exfoliation.  (Between the pleasant scent and light massage they provide, the whole experience almost feels spa like).  I've been using this cleanser at least once everyday and haven't experienced one breakout or irritation.  It does a great job of removing the dead skin and makes it so much easier for my skin to absorb the moisturizer.
Retail: $40.00
After the cleanser, I apply the Vitamin Antioxidant Crème 
The first time I used it, I could actually feel it continue working even after it was fully absorbed.  My skin felt moist and for a second, I almost thought I hadn't massaged it in completely.  It is packaged in a pump so you know there won't be any bacterial issues, and I like it because the bottle is clear so you can see how much you have left.  This has an ultra luxe texture to it.  Its creamy and rich but sinks right in without weighing heavy on your skin.  It too requires only a small amount during application.  Never again will I have those stubborn dry patches around my nose.  Moisturizers in the past have cleared them up temporarily and the second I stop using them, the patches come back.  But after using this, I feel pretty certain it will be a while before I see them return. 
Retail: $34.00
Also a favorite is the Luminosity Masque .  This I can't help but love because once again, it's very sanity.  Just remove the lid and press down to watch its contents disperse through the hole in its top.  This combines pineapple and papaya enzymes to exfoliate while aloe vera and willow herb extract calm and soothe.   This I would use once a week, and leave on for about 10 minutes after cleansing.  I am not sure of its exact effects, but I will say I enjoyed the feeling it left behind on my skin.  It has a cool, gel consistency which calms the skin, and feels nice after a long day.  It isn't sticky and after rinsing it off, my skin always feels smoother and refreshed. 
While I have been using all three products consistently and in conjunction with each other, I still feel like they would work wonders on their own.  Each one is super effective and the powers of aloe vera are not to be underestimated!  There are so many more products from this line that I'm just dying to try.  I strongly recommend checking them out
Have you tried the Aloe Source before?  Which products are you raving about?!


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  1. I feel the same way! I could just go on and on about the cleanser, my skin looks completely different just after a week!

    1. Right?!! its literally one of my all time favorite skincare lines. Very reliable. Thanks for showing the luv! xo


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