Monday, September 1, 2014

Review: Susan Posnick ColorEssential Lipsticks

Now that fall is almost here, you may be searching for a few killer lippies to help transition your look into the new season.  I had the chance to work with shades from Susan Posnick Cosmetics  ColorEssential Collection and these babies just about did the trick.   
The ColorEssential collection of lipsticks includes shades like berry, pink, red, nude, and coral that are geared towards flattering every skin tone.  Reason being is each lip color contains a unique formula that adapts to your own lip color to create the perfect match.  It may sound too good to be true, but when I tried shades NYC and London, I had to admit I was pretty impressed.
The first thing I noticed was the creamy texture.  It glided on like a soothing lip balm, due to the plethora of hydrating ingredients.  They contain olive oil and paracress, a South African plant with antioxidant properties that continually rehydrate your lips, and minerals like vitamins  A and E, and pomegranate to help nourish them.  Considering my pickiness with lip balms and chap sticks, these felt amazing on my lips, and not at all drying.

NYC is described as "a subtle neutral berry honoring a city of many nationalities and cultures. Perfectly and simply chic, for the woman who is always pulled together but never "made up". 
 Retail: $21.00

When I saw this color on the website, it appeared pinkish to me, but when I opened it, it was definitely a purplish/reddish mauve.  Once applied, I liked it a lot.  The color pay off was great with one swipe, but it also had a nice buildable intensity.  After about two coats it settled into a bold but still natural looking shade of reddish mauve.  Being that I gravitate towards the neutrals, this was a good switch.  Instead of my usual pinks and browns, this color was evident, but didn't make me feel over done.  Very true to its description.  I also noticed that while it's a matte color, the texture was so rich that its finish still had a slight sheen, and created a subtle wet look.     
London is listed as "the quintessential bronzed berry, wonderfully classic and very wearable".
Retail: $21.00
You can note the gold & red shimmers here

  This appeared to be a deep, maroonish/brown color online, but once applied it turned more of an intense red.  It had very distinct gold and red shimmers which I presume gave it the ultra bronzed effect. I only needed one coat of this to be satisfied.  The gold shimmers were very noticeable and I've never been much into the sparkles.  But this serves as a fun transition shade between seasons.  You get that deep, sultry red for fall, but the shimmers give you that sun kissed glow of summer.  I'd suggest it for those who want to embrace a new fall look, but aren't completely ready to let go of summer.  
The wear time for each was a good three hours or so, and I really love the packaging.  The tube is a sleek, metallic grayish- purple and the caps are magnetic!  You don't have to worry about them opening and painting up the inside of your purse.  It's also extra insurance that your product stays in tact and you didn't waste your money.  Overall, it was a really positive experience and I'd definitely try more from this brand!
Have you worn Susan Posnick Cosmetics?  What did you think?
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