Friday, September 26, 2014

Beauty Box Five: September Reveal

Because the past couple weeks have been so crazy I'm just now getting a chance to share with you beauties my thoughts on this month's Beauty Box Five arrival.  As I've mentioned before, I was fortunate enough to be asked to join the official BB5 review team, where I receive complimentary boxes in exchange for my thoughts.  Beauty Box Five is a monthly subscription that I like a lot because of its subscription options.  
Each box has a different theme and this month's was all about the "Balancing Act".  A fashionable nod to the steller fashionista who can keep business moving as usual while still taking on all new changes that come with the new fall season.  
Retail: $9.99 12 oz.
I was slightly confused because last I heard, FUBU was a clothing line.  Online research didn't help much, but the little bit I did find makes me think this is the same company.  If I'm completely wrong, feel free to set me straight.
Regardless of its background, I'm always happy to try out new hair care products on my constantly coarse hair.  These contain some fabulous ingredients like shea butter and eight different oils like sweet almond, virgin olive, jojoba, argan and avocado oil to name a few. 
Retail: $4.49
More Nicka K New York!!!  I've raved about this brand and thanked BB5 endlessly for introducing me to it.  The products have always been of an amazing quality and the price point is incredibly affordable.  I love this eye crayon because it slides on with no dragging and is super easy to blend.  It doubles as a liner and shadow for the lid.  Personally, I love it as a liner because its easy to control and is a nice choice color for the fall.
Retail: $40.00 .5 fl oz

I've worked with Chrislie Formulations in the past and have always enjoyed their products, especially their mascara.  So this is another product I am happy to take a go at.  It is an overnight serum that is intended to help soften and smooth the delicate areas around your eyes, as well remove dark circles.  It's a pretty small sample at .17oz but my assumption is that since it's supposed to work overnight, not much is needed before seeing a difference.  Can't wait to try this one out! 
Retail: $24.99 .4 fl oz

The price of this surprised me because I have never heard of this brand before.  I'm currently wearing fakes and recently gave myself a pedicure so I wasn't able to test it out and snap a pic, but I do really love its rich, mauve color.  Its totally appropriate for fall and I can't wait to instagram it for my next #LateNightMani! #WatchForIt

Retail: $1.99

Oh yea, the toe spacers.  Every once in a while BB5 sends a new pair of toe spacers......... And I never use them (does anyone use them?).  Maybe I'm a gargantuan beast with huge toes but they never even fit right.  I'd rather just wing my pedis without the hassle.  I'm over the toe spacers.  But outside of that, it was another fun box with some pretty cool items I'm psyched to check out!

Do you have a monthly beauty box subscription?  Which one?  Are you interested in BB5?

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