Saturday, September 6, 2014

Get the Look: NYFW Spring/Summer 2015

Designer: Yoana Baraschi 
Hair: RUSK Artistic Director Gerard Caruso
The Look:
RUSK Artistic Director Gerard Caruso made the “messy, but not so messy bun” a Fashion Week must-have at the Yoana Baraschi NYFW Spring/ Summer 2015 presentation.

Get the Look:
1.       Prep hair with the new RUSK Texture Spray.
2.       Place hair in high ponytail.
3.       Create loop, secure with band.
4.       Twist loop, secure base with pins.
5.       Finger tease and lock in with the new RUSK Freezing Spray.
The Products: 
RUSK Texture Spray:
Retail: $18.00
Offers instant volume and fullness by enhancing hair’s texture and shape. This multi-benefit spray maintains hair’s natural sway/movement and delivers a matte finish. Developed with Glycerin to provide optimum moisture balance to aid in styling
RUSK Freezing Spray:
Retail: $19.00
A quick-dry, humidity-resistant hairspray that offers all-day, extreme hold and definition without build-up while increasing hair’s body, suppleness and shine. Developed with a propellant that ensures dry application every time.


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