Saturday, September 27, 2014

Famous Tennis Duo Bryan Brothers Team up With Skincare Line Dnaegf Renewal

Last month I had the pleasure of being introduced to the incredible Dnaegf Renewal technology, developed by renowned Beverly Hills dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Ronald L. Moy.
The importance of fighting sun damage and learning ways to protect our skin never gets enough attention.  No mater your skin type, photodamage effects everyone, and that's why Dr. Moy has teamed up with twin tennis stars Bob and Mike Bryan to help spread the word.  The world famous duo has adopted the advisory methods of Dr. Moy and have implemented a protective skin regimen utilizing Dnaegf Renewal products.  
 DNAEGF Renewal combines two scientific breakthroughs: DNA Repair Enzymes and plant-based human Epidermal Growth Factor into one streamline approach for rapidly correcting and protecting all skin types.   
- Repairs damaged DNA
- Encourages the skin to continue its natural regeneration process
- DNA Repair enzymes and growth factors in the line help skin and stem cell rejuvenation 
- DNAEGF Renewal sunscreen helps inhibit cellular damage, protecting skin and fighting photo-damage and cellular damage. 
- Recommended as an effective UV protectant by the Skin Cancer Foundation to help prevent skin cancer.
While learning about the products, I was able to experience some of them first hand with what is quickly being dubbed "the facial of the future": The Dnaegf Renewal Repair Super Facial 
 I experienced the 30 minute express version but the full process totals 60 minutes of relaxation and complete skin rejuvenation. Afterwards, my skin was so incredibly moist, that the hydration was profoundly visible.  It was dewy and glowing and instantly appeared healthier and smoother.  To this day, I've noticed how much faster and easier it is for my skin to absorb moisturizers, and I have yet to see a single dry patch.  Now that winter is coming, this is a fantastic way to prep your skin and get it hydrated before the cold months come along and dry it out.

The Dnaegf Renewal Repair Super Facial:
Cleanse Face, Neck and Decollete (5 mins):
Apply DNAEGF Renewal DNA Foaming Cleanser Gel- Repeat if necessary. Remove product with steam towel, water proof mascara may require an eye makeup remover.
Skin Analysis (2 mins):
Use magnifying lamp & discuss with client
OxyGeneo+ (15 mins):
Apply NeoRevive or NeoBright gel to face, neck & décolleté. Set machine to appropriate settings and place the Capsule to hand piece and begin to work the gel around the skin. Once time is up remove gel with warm towel.
Extractions (10 mins):
Apply eye shield and perform extractions
Mask (10 mins):
Apply appropriate mask to face. Let mask sit for 10 minutes. Apply DNAEGF Renewal DNA Night Renewal to shoulders and décolleté while mask is sitting massage lightly. Remove mask with warm towel.
Massage (5-10 mins):
Apply EGF to face and neck, set Geneo machine to massage. Insert massage tip into the hand piece, massage until serum has absorbed into skin.
Treatment Phase 2 (5 mins):
Apply DNAEGF Renewal DNA Eye Renewal under eyes and Intensive Renewal to the face, massage lightly.
Nourish Pretect Prescribe (5 mins):
Apply DNAEGF Renewal DNA DEFENSE SPF 30+ to face, neck, and décolleté while reinforcing the need for daily protection from UV damage, especially for skin that has undergone exfoliation.

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