Sunday, September 28, 2014

Review: Rozgé Cosmeceutical Lip Gloss

What if I told you Dragon's Blood should be somewhere on your vanity?  You might think I was crazy.  But wait, it's not as scary as it sounds.  Dragon's Blood is a tree sap harvested for its healing powers from the Amazon Rainforest and is the superstar ingredient in the new collection of lip glosses from Rozgé Cosmeceutical.
Dragon's Blood was used as far back as ancient times to help heal wounds.  It is known for its anti inflammatory properties along with its ability to increase cell rejuvenation and protect against environmental stressors. 
These glosses practically scream nourishment.  Along with the Dragon's Blood, they also contain all-natural, organic ingredients, and powerhouse moisturizers like shea butter, aloe vera, sunflower oil, jojoba oil and safflower oil.  
There is no denying you will find a shade to fit you. The collection has 22 colors that are designed to compliment a variety of skin tones.  Each gloss is named after a major city, and I fell hard for Paris and New York .

Retail: $25.00
New York
Retail: $25.00
(top) New York
(bottom) Paris
Since I'm a chap stick totting fiend, glosses like these are right up my alley.  The formula is so light and soothing that it gives my lips the same relief as when I apply a chap stick.  It may just be my sensitive lips, but immediately after application I felt a slight tingling sensation, which made me feel like its healing properties were already hard at work.  There is no tackiness whatsoever and they have a glorious high shine finish.  I like these because the color starts out subtle but you can build up the intensity.
I love that these glosses come with a built in light (just click the button on its cap) and mirror for fast, easy application.  I wish every lip color came with these!  It definitely saves me the hassle of digging around the endless black hole I call my purse.  In reality, these are like carrying a healing balm, high shine gloss/ lipstick, small flashlight, and compact in one.  Can you really beat that?   

*All glosses are 100% vegan and free of any animal by product*

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