Saturday, August 30, 2014

Review: Fall/Winter 2014 ZUMBA® Fitness Active Wear

If you couldn't already tell from my past tweets, yours truly is a huge ZUMBA® Fitness fanatic.  There's nothing like a good Cumbia beat paired with a killer dance combination to make this girl wanna shake it.  Zumba is not just an amazing cardio workout that helps you burn hundreds of calories, but it even comes with its very own wardrobe.  So naturally, this Zumba loving fashionista was completely ECSTATIC when PR offered to let me try out a piece from their brand new Fall/Winter 2014 collection, launching this season. 
The above "Surf's Up Blue" top was a fun piece to wear.  It (like many of the pieces) incorporates the Z-Dri technology. It's a high-performance moisture wicking system that works to keep your body dry. I had to do a little more research to understand this seemingly awesome technology and learned that what it does is transfer the sweat from your body into the surface of the fabric, where it is supposed to evaporate and keep you feeling fresh and cool. 
I wore this several times to classes with different intensity levels, and no matter how much I sweat my tail off, I felt like it worked pretty well.  I had expected the sweat dripping my neck to create a nasty looking trail as it dripped down my back, but this seemed to combat that.  The fit was a little snug, but I actually preferred that because it gave the added support of a sports bra.  The fabric was soft and flexible so it was easy to move in.  The color combination was one of my favorite elements.  The black mesh overlay gave it an edgy street look, and the bright blue was a sweet pop of color.  I even found this one to be a little slimming. 
The ZUMBA® Fitness active wear is unique because it pays as much attention to fashion as it does to the properties you look for in work out gear.  Combining style with innovative concepts like the Z- Dri technology is ideal.  If you look and feel good during a workout, it will only enhance your performance which is ultimately the key to keep you going back for more.  In fact, one of its huge selling points is that Zumba wear is designed to transition from daily activities, straight into a hardcore session at the gym.  If you're someone like myself, who is always running from place to place, then functional, trendy pieces like this are great.  They eliminate those awkward stares you get pushing your grocery cart down the aisle as you want to say "Yes, I'm on my way to the gym but can I help it if I ran out of milk?"

The new Zumba collections are full of bright colors and new styles that you're definitely gonna want to snag.  So don't click here unless you're prepared to clear some serious space in your closet! 


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